The End to the Common Core Curriculum, and Other Trumpisms on Education

Donald Trump has been very vocal about many of his stances throughout his campaign, but one of the most important issues among voters has been education. Education has changed a lot since the one-room schoolhouse. Now we have standardized tests, technology, and lots of help getting into college. But Donald Trump wants to change how things are running for the future.

One of his ideas is to end the common core curriculum. But one problem, Mr. Trump. According to an NPR article, that's not something that the president has the power to control, since it is a state-decided issue. But what would a world look like with no common core? What would kids be learning?

They could learn about how to do their taxes, or how to fly to the moon. Acrobatics, cooking? Contrary to popular belief, the common core is not federally mandated.

Another of Trump's ideas is to "reinvest $20 billion of federal money to allow disadvantaged students to go to school wherever they want." Very nice idea. So now, disadvantaged youth will be able to attend charter schools or private schools. The problem is, this could be a money sieve for schools that need it, bolstering already strong private schools with even more money.

Trump also doesn't agree that community college should be free for new college graduates, like President Obama proposed, or that the government should finance student loans.

In summary, as he said in one campaign ad, "I'm a tremendous believer in education. But education has to be at a local level. We cannot have the bureaucrats in Washington telling you how to manage your child's education."

Everyone has a different opinion regarding education, and whether Trump's goals will be enacted is up to planning and negotiation.

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