The Most Adorable Flowers in the World: Cute and Exotic

Could your day use some brightening? Well, take a look at these adorable flowers from all around the world. Take some time out of your busy day to stop and look at the flowers. (We're sorry you can't smell them.)

1. Magnolia

This flower is big and beautiful. Bigger is always better.

2. Blood Lily

It sounds scary, but really, it's pretty cool.

3. Flame of the Forest

It's burning down the whole town.

4. Heliconia

If I was a pollinator, I'd be so into this flower.

5. Globe Thistle

It's spiny. Stay away.

6. Wild Maypop

We don't know what's going on with this thing, but it's really awesome.

7. Monkey Face Orchid

What's that you see inside that orchid? It's a monkey's FACE.

8. Corpse Flower

Please, do not put your nose up to this one.

9. Dancing Girls

They are flowers that look like girls that are dancing. Nature, you're so clever.

10. Swaddled Babies

No words.

11. Parrot Orchid

Nature, stop being so cute!

12. Protea Pinwheel

Anyone want to go on a ferris wheel ride on this flower?

Get out and look around at the amazing nature on this planet!

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