New Yorkers’ Morning Commute May Get Better, Not Worse, For Once

New Yorkers know all the perils of a morning commute. Especially if you ride the subway to work. It seems like there's always someone eating a wafty onion bagel, everyone's pressed together like sardines in a can, and there's delays, delays, delays. Sometimes, it feels like getting to work is the true 9-5.

But there's good news: the MTA is opening up two new lines that could actually make commuting a kind of okay experience. I know, you're hesitant. You're thinking there must be a catch. That something has to go wrong because, I mean, this is the MTA we're talking about here. We get it. The MTA has wronged all of us at least once… or a bajillion times… But listen up, because call us naive, but the good things really do sound true this time around.

The MTA will reopen the W line, which was axed in 2010, to replace the Q train in providing service to Astoria, Queens and will extend down to Whitehall Station in Lower Manhattan. From now on, the Q train will go up to 59th street —which will surely increase frequency of service for Q riders as well.

You may have even noticed the addition of new signs at NQR stations that now read NQRW.

This all is to prepare for an even more major addition to the MTA: the T line, which will service Second Avenue from Upper East side all the way down to Seaport. The line has been in construction since 1920, major work occurring on the line since 2007 and ultimately costing the MTA $4.6 billion. That explains all those fare hikes…

The W line is scheduled to begin running November 7, while the Second Avenue line is schedule to open December 30, 2016. Don't disappoint us this time, MTA!

Courtesy of MTA

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