The Peaceful Wonder of Drawing a Mandala

Our lives may seem totally out of control more often than not. We have appointments, trains to catch, debt, friends to stay in touch with, errands to do, and still have to find the time to get enough sleep at night, right? And with dozens of distractions taking us off track from day to day, it's almost impossible to take a breather and connect to that dusty old thing that we all (or most of us) have: a soul.

There are many ways that we can try to access our soul on a daily basis -- through meditation, listening to music, or gorging ourselves on ice cream. But we encourage you to try something different. It's called a mandala.

Mandala means "circle" in Sanskrit, but it's much more than just a circle. It's a complex series of lines, shapes, forms and colors, that while generally circular, can be as unique as a snowflake. The creator of the mandala is completely in charge, and can add symbols and shapes that take on personal meaning -- a bird, a flower, or a piece of cheesecake. There's no right or wrong. All you have to do is get a piece of paper, draw concentric circles, and go to town.

Check out this awesome video from "The Art Geek" on how to get started, and you'll feel the inner peace flowing in no time.

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