The Powerhouse Athletic Brand That Gets Comfort Right

Without looking, can you count how many holes are in your favorite pair of sneakers? We bet it’s probably more than one.

Most of us buy athletic wear that’s not built to last forever, but investing in solid sneaks and leggings that won’t fall apart in a matter of weeks will change your life — and motivate you to run just a little further or push that much harder.

Our editors have been researching the best brands for optimizing your workouts, and your routines in general, and then we discovered one that meets everyone’s needs: Allbirds.

Yes, they have comfy, cute sneaks, but they’re also known for their sustainable, innovative features.

Here’s why they’ve got something for every- body, no matter your exercise level.

The One Who’s New To Running

Favorite Feature: One-Piece Upper

Favorite Product: Men's Tree Dasher 2 in Natural Black

Experience: I could never really get into running until I found 2 things: my hip-hop running playlist and Allbirds. I knew tons of people with Allbirds who like how comfy they are. But I had no idea they made running shoes until someone told me.

The Men’s Tree Dasher 2 feels like I’m running on clouds. My fave feature is the unique, seamless one-piece upper made with FSC® Certified eucalyptus trees - there’s no tongue that’ll slip out of place and it breathes great (you don’t even need socks). It’s extra cushy in the heel to soften impact and definitely helps prevent blisters, too.

Everything about these shoes allows me to increase the mileage of my morning runs, to the point where I just signed up for my first half-marathon! Super nervous, but I know I can do it.

The One That Always Prefers Walking

Favorite Feature: Comfort

Favorite Product:Men’s Wool Runners in Dapple Gray and Limited Edition Hazy Burgundy

Experience: If there’s a choice between any sort of transportation and walking, I’m choosing walking, always.

I have a tricky knee and comfortable shoes make all the difference. The Allbirds Men’s Wool Runners have got to be the most comfortable shoes I’ve ever worn. I’m sure their other shoes are fantastic, but I have 3 pairs of these because I’m so happy with them. They’re made out of Merino Wool which is super soft, not itchy, and thermoregulating, so they work in hotter or colder weather.

Seriously, everything about these shoes points to maximum comfort including the carbon negative SweetFoam® (the Brazilian sugarcane midsole) and the moisture-wicking and odor-reducing wool insole. Allbirds’ Wool Runners last forever and go with everything. So, yes, I do periodically check for new colors to add to my closet.

The One Who Doesn’t Want To Shop Forever

Favorite Feature: Variety of Products

Favorite Product:Women’s Natural Legging and Natural Run Form Tank in Limited Edition Hazy Cobalt

Experience: Ever since I bought my purple Tree Runners, I’ve barely worn anything else. So I decided to see what else Allbirds offers.

I was so happy to find an entire apparel line, including activewear and loungewear, so I jumped right in and bought something of everything. They did not disappoint.

The sweats are so, so soft and the leggings are far better than the most expensive pair in my closet. They don’t pill, they’re super breathable, and, most importantly, they’re OPAQUE!

And thanks to their signature ZQ Merino Wool, their leggings are as soft as their shoes!

I’m loving all things Allbirds cause they’re absolutely fabulous. I spend less time online searching for clothes these days.

Final Thoughts

Allbirds feels like a brand for the people. Their sneakers have timeless designs in neutral and bold colors. Plus, the brand’s focus on sustainability means they find out-of-the-box materials that are superior to the traditional fabrics for runners, loungers, not to mention our planet.

Allbirds makes moving more comfortable, so you can better enjoy your 5K, your commute, or that walk around the block.

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