The Skincare Trends We’re Replacing With OneSkin This Summer

As we step into summer, it's the perfect time to give our skincare longevity routine a much-needed refresh.

We’re reassessing our skincare goals, letting go of trends that no longer serve us, and embracing new, effective solutions that promise to invigorate our skin for the season ahead.

So, let's bid farewell to harsh treatments and overpriced products, and set our sights on the treatments that are non-invasive, and most importantly, effective.

Enter: OneSkin, our new favorite vegan skin longevity company. Let’s take a deep dive into outdated trends and examine why we’re replacing them with OneSkin…

Out: Invasive Treatments / In: Treating The Root Cause

Botox remains an effective remedy for wrinkles, yet its' treatments often come with a hefty price tag and potential risks. This is why we recommend using an effective, non-invasive skincare that tackles the reasons why you develop wrinkles in the first place.

OneSkin’s patented peptide, OS-01, was developed over the course of 5+ years by their founding team of longevity scientists who have expertise in stem biology, aging, bioinformatics, and skin regeneration.

OS-01 is designed to target the root causes of skin aging. It’s scientifically validated to reduce the amount of senescent cells in skin by up to 50% (shown in in vitro skin cells), and promotes key markers associated with collagen and hyaluronic production (shown in ex vivo skin samples), resulting in stronger and healthier skin.1

In a nutshell, OneSkin’s OS-01 reduces the (senescent) cells1 that accelerate skin aging, promote inflammation, and compromise collagen and hyaluronic acid production.

Out: 10 Step Routines / In: Simple Skincare That Works

A basic skincare routine typically involves multiple steps such as cleansing, toning, exfoliating, and applying various products. While effective for many, it can be time-consuming and costly. It can also lead to potential skin issues like irritations, over-exfoliation, and eventually break down your skin barrier.

In contrast, OneSkin aims to strengthen your skin’s natural barrier so your body can be better protected from external stressors. Their simple 4-step routine aims to address aging at a cellular level. Here’s how:

  1. OneSkin PREP:Gently exfoliates without disrupting skin’s natural balance.
  2. OS-01 EYE: Improves collagen levels by up to 2.3x2, and improves elasticity, firmness, barrier function, and hydration in the delicate skin around the eyes.3
  3. OS-01 FACE: Addresses the root cause of aging, improves skin smoothness, overall appearance, elasticity, diminishes the appearance of wrinkles, and improves the skin barrier.4
  4. OS-SHIELD: The first ever SPF that contains the OS-01 peptide to target aging at the source. It protects the skin from environmental aggressors with non-nano zinc oxide and potent antioxidants.

Out: Overpriced Products / In: Affordable, Science-Backed Products That Deliver Results

There are so many expensive brands in the skincare space that over promise and under deliver. With OneSkin’s subscription, a 50ml bottle of OS-01 FACE costs $99, and the entire 4-step routine comes in at under $285. Totally affordable compared to what you spend on treatments and it actually addresses the cause of your skin issues.

Other brands such as Augustinus Bader offer anti-aging solutions that, in our opinion, are outrageously overpriced. 50ml of the Cream by Augustinus Bader costs $232, even when you subscribe – that’s for just one product!

Considering both brands are backed by scientific research (although OneSkin is far more transparent with their science) and clinically proven to work, we simply can’t justify spending over double the amount on The Cream by Augustinus Bader.

Final Thoughts

When weighing up our options for this summer’s skincare regimen, OneSkin stands out. Their transparent science-forward approach, affordable products, and simple routine lives up to the hype.

We can confirm, OneSkin isn’t just another brand touting empty pseudoscience. It truly transformed our skin. Their proprietary peptide was developed by four female PhDs over five years. It's no wonder that estheticians are recommending it!

For head-to-toe treatment, they also offer OS-01 BODYto keep your skin youthful and radiant.

If you’re looking for an affordable and reliable way to embrace healthy aging and improve your skin’s longevity, we’re recommending OneSkin.

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1 Shown in lab studies on human skin samples by measuring key collagen production biomarker, COL1A1, hyaluronic acid production biomarker, HAS2, epidermal thickness and levels of senescence via SA-Bgal staining. Skin treated with the OS-01 peptide displayed a significant increase in COL1A1, HAS2, and epidermal thickness and 50% less senescence cells compared to skin with no treatment. (Zonari, A., et al. npj Aging, 2023)

2 Shown in lab studies on ex vivo human skin samples (70 yr) by analyzing levels of collagen in the dermis. Skin treated with OS-01 EYE displayed a significant increase compared to skin with no treatment. Data was measured in triplicate.

3 Shown in a 12-week clinical study performed by a third party research organization with 22 participants. Hydration was measured via corneometer, elasticity was measured via cutometer, firmness was analyzed by clinical graders, and skin barrier was measured by vapometer. (Accepted for publication in The Journal of Cosmetic Dermatology)

4 Shown in a 12-week clinical study performed by a third party research organization with 22 participants (Zonari, A., et al. Journal of Cosmetic Dermatology, 2024)