The Solution to Gray Coverage: Madison Reed

As a kid, I was always teased for my red hair. It was something that made me stand out when I just wanted to blend in. But as I grew up, I started to get compliments about my color, and I learned to embrace being different. Though just as I began to like my hair, I noticed I was getting grays! I've been told to never dye my hair, but I wasn't ready for this -- it would totally make me lose my unique identity. So I started looking for at-home coloring products that would preserve my natural look.

I had tried shampoos with henna in them specifically designed to enhance red hair, but those never got rid of the grays. I needed something stronger, but that wouldn't damage my hair. I found out about Madison Reed, an all-natural line of hair coloring products that offered specific recommendations for gray coverage.

On the site, I went through a questionnaire that helped guide me to the right color. It asked me questions about how much gray I had. Then, I had a free consultation with one of their professional colorists. She told me that with a photo she could find my perfect shade match so I'd get that natural look. Plus, no one would know I started dying my hair.

Before completing my order, I was pleased to read that the formula has keratin, ginseng root, and argan oil in it, and that it's free of ammonia, resorcinol, parabens, gluten, and PPD. It was really important to me to maintain my hair's shine and healthy look, and still get those grays covered. I ordered my color and it was surprisingly simple to apply. Even me, a person who's never done this before, was able to do it easily, thanks to the colorists' step-by-step instructions.

The verdict? My hair came out looking just like it did 20 years ago! No more grays, and I already started to feel younger. My hair was soft and silky, not at all fried like my friends who go use other boxed dyes. I don't even need to go to the salon for touch ups, because the color is long-lasting and has total coverage. Madison Reed was just what I needed, and helped me fall in love with my unique, natural color all over again.

Update: The folks at Madison Reed want to help you find your perfect color. Follow this link to get salon-quality hair color at home!

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