This artist's work will remind you to keep your chin up even through the hard stuff

The Latest Kate's images are spreading across the internet in an effort to encourage a positive attitude and good mental health. She has been making positive art for a while. Her tumblr notes October of 2013 as when she started updating with feel-good images to lift her audience's spirits. She worked in the beginning with short comics and drawings of people, usually women, and included encouraging phrases and positive saying, but over time, her work became more colorful and mostly centered around adorable animals instead, at times even reminiscent of a toned-down Lisa Frank. Whether cuddly critters are your thing or not, the messages attached to the sweet images can be exactly what we need to hear at our darkest moments. The messages include reminders that making progress is something to be proud of, no matter how small, and that our struggles are valid and don't define us. Check out some of her creations in the slideshow below and remind yourself of their messages next time you find yourself at a difficult place on your True Self journey. If you like The Latest Kate's work, her art can be purchased in her shop.

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