The Ultimate Review: Thistle Vs. Daily Harvest

We broke down 2 top meal delivery services.

Anyone else feel like they keep getting busier and busier, no matter what time of year it is?

And when we're completely run-down the first thing to suffer is our diet. Just because we don't have the time to plan, prep, and cook every day doesn't mean we should have to settle for low unhealthy take-out meals.

We started to notice more and more ready-to-eat meal delivery services that offer convenient, healthy meals right to our doors.

But which one should we really be choosing, which one truly is the best?

Don't worry we already know you don't have the time to research and background check them all, so we did it for you.

Thistle and Daily Harvest are the two most popular healthy, ready-to-eat meal delivery services right now, so here is everything you need to know about both:

Key Similarities

  • Delivered directly to your doorstep
  • Subscription-based service, but can pause, skip or cancel at anytime
  • Offer meals along with healthy smoothie/juices, snacks, and sides
  • Both let you choose your meals each week, and change them up based on your preferences

Key Differences

  • Daily harvest meals arrive frozen. Thistle is all fresh, plant-forward ingredients that only need to be refrigerated and heated for 2-3 minutes in a skillet
  • Thistle require minimal prep, Daily Harvest requires some prep with the addition of milk/water, soaking, blending, or heating
  • Daily Harvest is completely plant-based and vegan, Thistle offers completely plant-based and vegan plans while also offering plans with healthy protein add-ons
  • Thistles meals have the most variety. They are dairy and gluten-free, plant-forward, and feature a variety of meat add-ons.
  • Thistle plans start at $42 per week, Daily Harvest $89.88 a week


If you're looking for delicious, crave-able and locally sourced fresh meals delivered right to your door with seriously zero prep, Thistle is what you need.

Thistle's breakfast, lunch, and dinner with snacks, wellness shots, and juices are offered on a subscription basis for 3 to 6 days per week. You can customize your whole plan, skip, pause, or easily cancel at any time.

Thistle's macrobiotically developed menu emphasizes vegan plant-based, dairy-free, gluten-free, and organic ingredients whenever possible.You can add on protein such as chicken, turkey, pork, or shrimp to your meals for those opting for less meat or still transitioning to a completely plant-based diet.

The Thistle chefs come up with a new globally inspired menu every week, ensuring each meal is perfectly balanced and nutrient-packed with zero refined white sugars, artificial preservatives, artificial additives, and artificial dyes.

But don't worry they pack a lot of flavors too with recipes like their Pineapple Pachadi Curry Bowl, Panang Peanut Stir-Fry Bowl, and Southwest Tofu Scramble not to mention Milk Chocolate Cake with Mocha Ganache and 24 Carrot Gold Muffin snacks.

Once the meals are delivered you can store them in your fridge, eat them cold, or heat them up, whichever you're in the mood for that day. Starting at only $42 per week, you can fuel your body with Thistle's delicious meals and snacks and enjoy the benefits of a convenient, healthy diet.

Daily Harvest

Originally only delivering frozen cups of fruit to blend into smoothies, Daily Harvest has expanded their offering to harvest bowls, flatbreads, soups, and snacks to cover you all day. All their meals are vegan and are delivered weekly or monthly depending on your subscription and need to be stored in a freezer until time of consumption.

All your meals come pre-portioned in Daily Harvest cups with directions on the side telling you if the contents need to be soaked overnight in milk, blended with milk, or heated with some water before they are ready to eat. Note; a blender and microwave are required as everything is delivered frozen and unblended.

They have an impressive variety of recipes, such as the Tomato + Bell Pepper Soup, Broccoli + Cheeze Harvest Bowl, and Strawberry + Peach Smoothie. With each one promising to be full of "superfoods" like chia seeds, turmeric, dark chocolate, and flax seeds.

Depending on the number of cups you order each week the weekly cost can variety; 9 cups for $69.75 a week, 12 cups for $89.88 a week, and 24 cups for $143.79 a week. Daily Harvest smoothies need to be blended, which can be tricky if you're looking for a quick, on the go meal.

Overall Verdict

Here are our final thoughts after we tried both services.

Everything we ordered from Daily Harvest and Thistle tasted really good, but there were a few obvious differences. First, we were left somewhat hungry the week we tried Daily Harvest, but perfectly satisfied with the Thistle meals and snacks. The Daily Harvest portion sizes are definitely small and the consistency is very thin.

Our verdict also became very clear once we compared the nutritional value of both. Thistle's ingredients aren't just colorful, new, and delicious but pack a lot when it comes to nutrients and vitamins. And most importantly, their meals are incredibly fresh.

Thistle stays true to its focus on the importance of the quality of food we eat, rather than specifically defined calorie quantities or macronutrient ratios. They strive to ensure nutritional consistency and all their meals conform to the same nutritional value that our bodies require to be fueled all day. No matter which Thistle meal you're enjoying, you can be sure your body is getting exactly what it needs.

No ready-to-eat meal delivery service can triumph Thistle's minimal prep, premium quality, and nutritional value you get in all their meals, snacks, and juices. With Thistle, it has never been easier to enjoy a healthy diet that your body and taste buds will love.

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