Thistle Or Blue Apron? A Detailed Comparison

The demands of work, household chores, and family needs make it just about impossible to squeeze in meal planning and grocery shopping. No wonder our diets mainly consist of greasy takeout and tasteless frozen food that lack nutritional value and leave us feeling sluggish and unwell. And whenever we do find time to grocery shop and cook, we tend to stick with the same uninspiring dishes.

Thankfully, meal kit services put an end to this dreadful cycle. They take care of the meal planning and grocery shopping for us – but we’re still expected to have the energy and imagination to cook. What if we simply don't want to?

We found Thistle – a meal subscription service that ships nutrient-rich, plant-forward, ready-made meals straight to the door. To determine if their service is the true answer to autopiloting a healthy diet, we compared them to Blue Apron, a traditional meal kit service.

Here's what we discovered:

Key Similarities

  • Both offer plant and meat protein options that suit different needs
  • Both deliver to your door
  • Both have flexible subscription plans

Key Differences

  • Thistle ships ready-to-eat meals | Blue Apron ships pre-measured ingredients with recipe cards – you still have to cook
  • Thistle covers breakfast, lunch, and dinner and even offers snacks and juices | Blue Apron only offers lunch and dinner
  • Thistle meals are dairy-free, gluten-free, plant-forward, and nutrient-dense | Blue Apron meals aren't as health-focused

Thistle Overview

Thistle delivers fresh, ready-to-eat, plant-forward meals, snacks, and juices. Their globally-inspired menu features everything from breakfast to dinner with mouth-watering possibilities like Ramen Salad, Vadouvan Curry, and Ragu Pasta Bowl.

With each meal you choose, you can add on recommended meat or fish for a particular meal, which is one of our favorite parts! It makes their meals highly customizable. Plus, all dishes are designed by chefs and nutritionists to ensure they're packed with all essential nutrients – so they’ll make you feel energized, empowered, and focused all day. Their menu features 40+ superfoods like turmeric, spirulina, ginger, matcha, chia & moringa!

If you're looking for heavenly, craveable, and sustainably-sourced meals that involve zero prep, Thistle's got you covered. Starting at only $42 per week, you can fuel your body with healthy food that you can enjoy, hot or cold.

Blue Apron Overview

Blue Apron is a traditional meal kit that has various plans that cater to different needs. Although you can choose up to 4 meals a week with 2-person or 4-person recipes, please note that they’re limited to lunch and dinner. You still have to figure out what to make for breakfast.

Instead of shipping you ready-to-eat meals, Blue Apron sends you ingredients with recipe cards. Their meals require cooking from scratch and take around 35-45 minutes. Our box arrived with no issues, but we've read customers' complaints about receiving damaged ingredients, and struggling with their customer service to resolve problems.

Blue Apron’s menu offers options for everyone, but we wouldn't necessarily call the meals healthy. You can find recipes like Oven-Baked Cheesy Chicken Thighs, Mushroom & Fontina Prime Beef Burgers, and Smothered Tomatillo Burritos. Prices start at $57.95 per week.

Final Verdict

While both services have their upsides, we're totally going with Thistle. Eating healthily without having to meal prep or cook is truly exceptional and saves you so much time and stress.

Sadly, we weren't as satisfied with Blue Apron meals and really missed having Thistle’s delicious breakfast options. And it’s pretty outrageous that Blue Apron’s service costs at least 40% more, even though you cook the meals yourself!

Thistle keeps it simple and, above all – affordable. It's a must-try for those wanting to upgrade their life with a plant-forward, nutritious and delicious diet without the hassle.

Want to give Thistle a try? Take advantage of our offer today and get 9 FREE MEALS. THAT'S $100 OFF!

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