Thistle Or Sprinly – Which Plant-Based Service Do We Recommend?

More and more people are switching to a plant-based diet thanks to its many health and environmental benefits. It's also ideal for weight management and a lower risk of heart disease.

However, integrating plant-based items into your diet can be truly challenging, especially for those with busy schedules. So, our editors set out to find the best, ready-to-eat meal delivery service that offers nutritious and plant-forward meals that taste delicious while saving you lots of time.

We settled on two: Thistle and Sprinly.

Here's what we found:

Key Similarities

  • Both deliver plant-based, ready-to-eat meals
  • Both have weekly menus
  • Both let you select your own meals

Key Differences

  • Thistle has breakfast, lunch, dinner, and snacks | Sprinly doesn't offer breakfast
  • Thistle is available to customers on the west coast with plans to grow and expand their reach to the East coast later this year | Sprinly ships throughout the East Coast, Midwest, and South
  • Thistle meals start at only $11.50 | Sprinly meals start at $16.06


Thistle sends you plant-based, nutritious, protein-packed meals, snacks, and cold-pressed juices that are mindfully designed to meet your macronutrient needs. We love that they source their produce from certified organic farms whenever possible. Plus, their meals are gluten-free, dairy-free, and free of added sweeteners and preservatives.

We were pleasantly surprised that their meals are truly creative with flavorful, global cuisines. Their gourmet dishes are crafted by chefs and nutritionists and taste truly heavenly. Our favorites of the week were the Thistle Ragu Pasta Bowl and the Chili Pineapple & Marie Rose Salad which is the perfect dish for a hot summer day. The cocktail sauce is creamy and full of flavor – sooo delicious!

Thistle makes sticking to a plant-based diet super easy. Choose how many days a week you'd like your meals to be delivered. Select your base plan and you can swap lunches, dinners, breakfasts, and juices to match your individual taste. Each Thistle bag will arrive with perfectly portioned, fresh meals that are ready-to-eat or heat-and-eat – zero prep needed!


Sprinly is a plant-based meal delivery service that sends flavorful, ready-to-eat vegan entrées. Unfortunately, Sprinly doesn't offer any breakfast options, but we appreciate that we can choose from multiple plans that feature 6, 12, or 18 meals per week.

Sprinly primarily uses organic ingredients, along with tons of spices, herbs, and seasonings that infuse their meals loaded with texture, flavor, and everything you need to stay satiated throughout the day. We were actually surprised that their meals are not low-calorie at all. For those who track calories – or are looking for lighter summer meals – Sprinly may not be the best choice.

We also noticed that their meals are relatively costly. Of course, they’ll save you grocery shopping and cooking time. So you need to determine if the $16.06 per meal is worth the price.

Final Thoughts

When it comes to eating healthy, plant-based meals, both services provide the most important element: convenience. But when it comes to flavor, creativity, and price, Thistle was the clear winner. They tick off every box and constantly surprise us with a wide range of nutritious and delicious vegan meals.

Thistle pays close attention to the balance of vitamins and other nutrients that fulfill your health needs, which means more energy, less bloating, clearer skin, and a sharper mind. It's the best meal plant-based delivery service out there by far!

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