Three reasons intermittent fasting should be your goal

Eating is the most fun any person can have but, let's face it, we do it too often. Instead of desperately mulling over whether or not to eat that pistachio and honey donut (YUM), many people have tried something called intermittent fasting.Intermittent fasting is a commitment to not eat during any-one time-period in the day. Intermittent fasting isn't a diet technique as much as it's a scheduling pattern for when you can or cannot eat and these are the three reasons you're going to love it.

Weight Loss without Dieting

Dieting is not fun, everyone can agree on that, but heading into the summer months means taking a hard look at ourselves in the mirror and making some difficult decisions. Instead of starving yourself by not eating any of this or that, why not try intermittent fasting.Fasting in twelve hour periods, which is lot easier than it sounds if you're sleeping in between the hours, has beenshown to significantly affect fat loss. And you get to eat whatever you want, and however much, every other time. Whooo!

You Live Longer

That's right! Restricting typical caloric intake hasshown to extend the subject's life by a third! That means 30 years to eat more bacon maple donuts (double YUM)! Even if you eat the same amount of calories, as long as it is in your non-fasting time, you will see the benefits of this method.

There are so Many Different Kinds

Intermittent fasting is a very fluid science that should be catered to you. Fitness ExpertNia Shanks says that, "if you're going to force yourself to follow a certain method, it's not going to work." The key is to find the method that works best for your life and follow it. Once you get started the results will speak for themselves and you won't want to stop!

Workouts become more Effective

Fasting means ingesting less calories which means that, while exercising, your body will burn its fat reserves for energy instead of its calorie reserves. While at first it may feel uncomfortable, you're well on your way to that perfect beach bod.Exercising while fasting has also been defined as safe by food experts as long as you're well hydrated and the exercise is light to moderate.

The question you should be asking yourselves is "why am I not already doing this?!" The benefits of intermittent fasting are even more extensive that what I've listed above. Do some research, jump on the trend, and strut down the beach without a worry in the world. With a donut in hand, of course.

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