Three Things I Wish I Knew About Sex And Menopause

When it comes to my sex drive, I’m usually cruising. But ever since menopause, it decided to pump the brakes, take the first exit, and leave me alone, left in the lurch.

Sexual wellness has always been a priority for me. The benefits of having regular sex include reducing blood pressure, improving sleep cycles, easing stress, and it can even count as a form of exercise… 😏

So when I went from having an active sex life to having the lowest libido ever, I knew I needed to find answers. I was losing interest in sex with my partner, sex with myself, and honestly, just myself in general - I felt so disconnected from the life I had a few years ago.

Sex is a major way I connect with myself and my partner - and without it, I don’t feel remotely like myself. I’m uncomfortable all the time, I’ve noticed I can’t focus on things like I used to, and I’m all-around, not as confident as I once was.

However, I was not about to be giving up my confidence or my favorite pastime, so I started my search for answers.

Except, finding answers was an act in itself. As if sexual frustration wasn’t bad enough, I was now mentally frustrated that there seemed to be no conversation surrounding sex and menopause!

Or, at least there wasn’t, until I found Kindra: a by women, for women company destigmatizing the conversation around menopause and providing estrogen-free, effective products to support menopausal challenges.

Kindra is talking about everything I was going through. And better yet, they have products to relieve it all.

Here’s a crash course surrounding everything I wish I knew about sex, menopause, and how to get your groove back between the sheets.

Low Libido

As usual, hormones are the root cause. During menopause, you’re losing estrogen, progesterone, and testosterone.

Less estrogen - testosterone - progesterone = low libido and less sex.

Outside of hormones, there are also several other factors that could be causing low libido. Stress, illness, anxiety, relationship issues – they can all be players in the sex-drive dropoff.

While low libido is a common concern for most women going through menopause, it can be remedied! There are remedies like stress management, taking naps to decrease fatigue, and eating more fruits and vegetables to improve circulation and support libido.

And for those looking for actual products that go a little further than fruits and veggies, Kindra’s Core Supplement may be the best bet. The Core is packed with ingredients like the super-antioxidant Pycnogenol that boosts circulation and mental clarity. It also includes the adaptogen, Ashwaganda, which is known to help increase libido.

Painful Sex

As if low libido wasn’t enough, when you do get that sexual feeling, it can now come with pain thanks to vaginal dryness.

Yet again, vaginal dryness is caused by the decrease of those three major hormones, but Kindra’s best-selling Daily Vaginal Lotion lets you directly address the problem. It’s super light, ultra-hydrating, and all you have to do is apply the lotion directly to the internal and external area where you’re feeling discomfort. 95% of women report meaningful improvement in vaginal dryness, 93% confirm long-lasting hydration, and 80% say it feels like a natural lubricant.

And if you’re looking for more full-body relief, Kindra also has a Bath Soak that’s formulated with your vaginal pH in mind and leaves your whole body feeling silky smooth.


Unfortunately, stress plays a major role in all of our lives. But it plays an even bigger role when it comes to menopause and your sex life.

When you’re stressed or anxious, having sex feels like it’s completely out of the question. And if it’s not active stress, it’s brain fog and not feeling as clear and level-headed like you used to.

Managing stress is far easier said than done, but Kindra’s Focus Supplement can help. Meant to help with mental clarity, the Focus Supplement is loaded with Pycnogenol and Green Tea Leaf Extract. It calms your body, eases your mind, and lets you focus on you.

Menopause doesn’t have to mean the end of an active, adventurous sex life! Kindra’s range of products are absolute game-changers when it comes to the bedroom.

My libido is not only higher, but I’m finally clear-minded and can focus on what feels good for me. My sex drive is back to cruising speed and better than ever – and so am I.

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