You Asked, We Answered — Everything You Need To Know About The Toniebox

Looking after our kids takes constant attention, but that’s not always possible. That’s why many of us simply stick the television on or place an iPad in front of them to keep them occupied instead of reading them stories all day long. In order to help our children’s development, it's all about finding the balance between screens and other activities.

Our editors have been searching for other opportunities to keep your young ones engaged. We came across the Toniebox, the thrilling, must-have musical story box for kids.

Here are all your Toniebox questions answered:

What is the Toniebox?

The Toniebox is a magical, musical story box for children up to 8 years of age. With 7 hours of battery life, research has found that children engage with it 148 times more than the average toy. It's soft, squishy, and practically indestructible — meaning it can tumble down the stairs or slide off the kitchen counter without any damage.

This delightful box comes with Tonies — hand-painted collectibles of your kids’ favourite characters that are bursting with exciting tales. Once you place the Tonie on top of the box, your kids can listen to joyful songs and stories that bring each character to life.

What Tonies are available?

There are a wide range of colorful Tonies for different age groups. The most popular are Lion King Paddington Bear, Frozen, Peppa Pig, Gruffalo, Paw Patrol, and many others.

The Toniebox’s content very cleverly grows as your child grows. For older kids, their National Geographic Kids series is speech-based, factual and contains detailed content about popular subjects from dinosaurs to penguins. And for children who are fascinated with languages, they are Tonies in German or French.

And then there’s the Creative-Tonies — an inventive item that provides up to 90 minutes of recordable space. What a terrific solution for storing family tales or capturing your little one’s voice as they learn to tell their own stories!

Of course, you can get Tonies as part of your Toniebox, but you can also start building your children’s collection by individually picking up each Tonie for only £14.99.

What are the benefits of the Toniebox?

The Toniebox will keep your children engaged without the need for a screen. The National Literacy Trust stresses that listening to audiobooks is both entertaining and educational, boosting vocabulary and literacy skills.

According to 97% of parents, this musical box reboots bedtime routines so your young ones fall asleep on time with the help of stories and white noise. And it even helps with calm-time. From wake up to wind down, kids engage in screen-free fun and learn how to keep themselves entertained.

How do kids use the Toniebox?

The Toniebox doesn’t have complicated instructions — because kids need to operate it. Simply pop, tap, tilt, and squeeze the ears on the Toniebox to navigate through their favourite stories and songs. There’s even a headphone jack so kids can listen to these enchanting tales while traveling. So, parents no longer have to hear the same annoying song on endless repeat!

Do kids really enjoy the Toniebox?

“Our 4-year-old son loves his Toniebox and it has been perfect for entertaining him while I’m tied up looking after his new baby sister…I love that it encourages him to read. He will sit happily listening to the Oi Frog collection whilst looking at the book versions he has. He’ll turn the pages to make sure the pictures match the narrator.” - Becky D.

The Toniebox is terrific for kids — they absolutely adore it. It’s a screen-free, digital listening experience that enhances their knowledge and motor skills. It's so much more than just one more stuffed animal.

Is it worth it?

Definitely! The Toniebox keeps your children entertained all day without the need for an iPad, phone, or TV. The price of each Tonie is similar to the Sylvanian Families and other figures, but the Tonies are charming, hand-painted figurines that will be used and loved for years.

You can create a bundle that contains a Toniebox, a Creative-Tonie, and up to 5 Tonies of your choice and save up to £34.95. The Starter bundle (Toniebox + 1 Tonie) is £89.99, the Collector bundle (Toniebox + 3 Tonies) is £109.99, and the Full Experience (Toniebox + 5 Tonies — best value) is £119.99.

As parents, limiting screen time — especially during those first few years — is key. With the Toniebox, children can go far beyond their screens. They’ll tell stories and sing, laugh and learn. Trust us, from breakfast to bedtime, your beloved Toniebox will fill your family’s life with joy!

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