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Get Your Barbie-Core On Before The Movie

If you strolled through Times Square this month, you may* have noticed an ever-present, Big Brother-esque feature: gigantic, larger-than-life Barbie posters...everywhere. Margot Robbie and Ryan Gosling's faces are everywhere, serving as our very own resident Barbie and Ken. And the entire universe is equally as excited for July 21st so we can flock to the theaters to see what masterpiece Greta Gerwig has cooked up for us this time.

It's only two short days away until I complete the Barbenheimer challenge and the world is buzzing. I can feel the excitement as over 40,000 people have purchased a ticket to Barbie on opening day. The movie's projected to rake in over $100 million over its opening weekend, with Oppenheimer projected to make $50 million.

And while you may have it on your list of summer movies to watch, or perhaps you've been following the Barbie-mania from the red carpet looks to Ryan Gosling's candid takes on what it takes to be Ken...we know you can't get enough Barbie!

Brands are coming out of nowhere to commemorate that classic pink. Here are my favorites:

Tower 28 BeachPlease Luminous Tinted Balm in "Dream Hour" 

Tower 28's Tinted Balm Shades

Tower 28

Tower 28 is one of the most viral clean beauty brands due to its recycled packaging, clean ingredients that won't harm sensitive skin, and affordable, quality products designed by makeup experts. I've been a fan of their bronzer and lip glosses forever, but their BeachPlease Tinted Balm is the only blush you'll need this summer.

With the new Barbie shade, Dream Hour, you have the perfect "cold girl" makeup that everyone's been loving this season. It's a vibrant, pastel pink that's heavily pigmented and blends easily. It's multi-purpose, so you can use it on your lips or cheeks and it won't cake on your face.

Barbie x Crocs 

The classic rubber shoe that made a huge comeback over the past few years has gone pink. Crocs just unleashed a whole line of Barb Crocs, which includes a pink chunky heel version of the shoe and the classic clog style. And yes...of course, they have Barbie Jibbitz - are you crazy?

You can get all styles of Croc in Barbie's fave color: a shearling slide reminiscent of a Birkenstock, multiple shades of black and pink clogs ready to be customized with your Jibbitz, the chunky heel in question, or just a classic rubber slide.

Barbie x Kitsch 

I use silk pillowcases religiously. It saves my hair from frizzing up and keeps the style for days longer than your average cotton pillowcase...and it rescues me from breakouts by resisting bacteria. Essentially, I need a silk pillowcase or I can't sleep.

So when Kitsch made the perfect hot pink version of their classic silk cases, I had to get one. They have cute claw clips, heatless hair curlers, elastics, and scrunchies inspired by the world's favorite doll.

Barbie x Barefoot Dreams

Kim Kardashian swore by Barefoot Dreams blankets, skyrocketing them into popularity and making them a staple in every household. Barefoot Dreams items are so soft your skin feels like it's on a cloud. And now...they have a Barbie collection.

This terrycloth robe - in their classic BD material - is fantastic for getting glam. It's cozy enough to lounge about the house and feels luxurious against your skin. It's a must-have robe for a glamorous girl like Barbie.

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