4 Helpful Tips To Dress For Transitional Weather

I’m so over thinking about winter fashion trends. I’ve grown weary of layering smart sweaters over tight turtlenecks. I can’t bear to look at another peacoat and throw a scarf over it before I leave the house.

It’s so hard for me to create a cohesive outfit in the winter, but accessories like earmuffs and oversized puffer jackets have made my pain a little less miserable. However, I want to look forward to the warmer weather. I want to be able to throw on jean shorts two sizes too big and a crop top and call it a day.

However, we often forget about the period between biting winter and sweltering summer – it’s called confusing spring. That time when it’s frigid in the mornings, hot in the afternoon, and cold at night. It’s Mission:Impossible to dress comfortably in these months.

Sure jeans and a sweater will keep you warm in the morning, but by noon you’re pushing your sleeves up and wishing you had shorts on. And if the air conditioning is on inside, forget about it. I’m in constant purgatory during the springtime. “When will I ever pick the right outfit?”

Vogue reminded me that transitional weather outfits should “rely on a solid foundation of wardrobe essentials—think notable knitwear, timeless trench coats, even a boxy blazer—all of which can be worn on their own or layered together.”

AKA, a subtle reminder to not go crazy when shopping for transitional weather pieces. Remember to buy the basics, things you can wear year-round and won’t just sit in the back of your closet after the first wear. Since the weather is so unpredictable, you should lean into layering lighter fabrics for breathability when you need it.

Since I’ve spent these past few weeks stressing over my transitional weather wardrobe, here are some of the best tips I’ve found!

Everyone Needs A Light Trench Coat

Banana Republic

Vogue hails the almighty trench coat as the transitional weather outfit essential that everyone should have in their closet. The perfect pairing to a dress or skirt when worn open. Also try layering over a chunky sweater and buttoned up for a polished look on a colder day.

This Banana Republic trench coat is my personal recommendation because it stays true to the classic style. At half off, it saves you money while still providing a luxury jacket guaranteed to last for years.

Have Some Blazers Handy


The cardinal rule for transitional weather is having a jacket handy at all times. While I’ve always been a fan of an extremely oversized shacket, it can ruin my outfit and make me look a bit under-dressed. Instead, I’m turning to a blazer one size too big that can layer over a sweater.

For the warmer months, I like a temperature-regulating fabric like linen. It gives me another layer of clothing for when a breeze comes through, but doesn’t cause me to sweat if I wear it over a sweater for too long.

Rely On Menswear-Style Pants

Urban Outfitters

If jeans are too heavy for you, a pair of tailored pants will give you the same elevated look with a little bit of added sophistication. While you may associate these with a work environment, menswear pants look great with crop tops, high neck bodysuits, and bra tops alike.

With transitional weather, it’s all about mixing different lengths: short sleeves and long pants, skirts and long sleeves. Then adding a jacket on top of course. For a “going out” style transitional weather outfit, these Urban Outfitters Trouser Pants look great with a minimalist bra top and oversized bomber jacket.

Behold...The Button Down


The ultimate transitional weather piece that can be worn from season to season. The button down is essential – you can wear it as a coverup in the summer and as a layer during other seasons.

I like to wear this oversized button down from Athleta over a crop top on the weekends and fully buttoned with a pair of corduroys on the weekdays. It’s great even layer under a sweater or on its own.

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