Your new ultimate travel guru: the journiest

It's the middle of winter, and that time of year when we all start itching to go on vacation. But where should we go? Should we spend some time at the beach? Or perhaps an invigorating trip to a Medieval city? There are so many amazing places out there that it's almost impossible to choose. Here at TrueSelf, we're real travel nuts. We've written about our favorite travel apps, travel books, and travel guides. Travel is an integral part of health. It allows us to breath new air and experience new cultures, opening our minds, our hearts, and our spirits. Travel gives us the chance to take a break from the mundanities of our daily lives for a new, sun-soaked routine.

But before we buy our tickets and make our itineraries, it's essential to be in the know. While all of us are not expert travelers, there are plenty of people who are (and are nice enough to share their tips!). We're excited to showcase to our readers a new travel site called The Journiest, which takes you inside the mind (and vacations) of some of the coolest travelers we've seen. Eat the most delicious meal in Lyon, France and spend some time at a crazy bone church! All that and more! The Journiest is as fun to read as it is informative. Check it out and catch your own travel bug today!

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