How 2021 Will Be The Year I Treat Myself Right

Wine + Spa + Cooking

I've never made a new year's resolution. I do set personal and professional goals for myself throughout the year, but I couldn't think of anything worse than forcing myself to do something outrageously out of my ordinary, in January of all months.

Instead, I take the first month of the year as a self-care month. What can I do to help me get through these next 4 weeks as sanely as possible? Considering the year we all just survived, it took a bit longer to decide on what to do to treat myself. I want to make it a good one!!

After a lot of deliberation here's what I'm doing for myself this New Year:

1. Tasting Room

Ever since my sister told me about her awesome wine club, Tasting Room, I've had my eye on it.

I'm quite loyal to my Sauvignon Blancs, but I've always wanted to discover new wines. Of course, I had no clue where to start. Enter the wine club that sends you intriguing wines from around the world. These bottles are based on your personal palate (not an algorithm), so you're guaranteed to enjoy them.

When new customers sign up for Tasting Room, they get amazing value from the very first shipment: just $49.95 for the first six bottles (normally a $90 value!).

After that, you're charged $75 each month for 6 bottles of amazing wines - that's only $12.50 a bottle! Exploring exciting wines from the comfort of my home sounded exactly what I need this January.

I always doubted that wine algorithms actually work- how does an algorithm really know what I like? With Tasting Room, my own personal concierge curates each and every monthly shipment for me after they get to know my taste. How could I not!!

2. Home Spa

There's nothing I love more than a trip to the spa. Relaxing music, the aroma of essential oils, flickering candles, the feel of a soft robe as you relax after a massage and facial. Absolute bliss and precisely what I deserve after a long week of working from home. So, it's exactly what I'm going to create in my own bathroom.

About time I start using the soothing sheet masks I've been hoarding. And those luxury bath sets will finally come in handy. Plus, the perk of my at-home spa is a glass of Tasting Room wine as you decompress in the lavender bubbles.

3. Cooking New Recipes

My cooking skills are above average thanks to my mom who taught me all her secret culinary tricks. But I can be lazy when it comes to dinner time. I've been wanting to get back to cooking up some new recipes, adding my own spin to create yummy creations.

And, you guessed it. I'll take my inspiration from my Tasting Room wine shipment. Matching dinner recipes to complement Tasting Room's delicious selection of wines is so fun! It's the best part of dinner, am I right?!

Not to brag but I feel so confident in my new year self-care checklist, January isn't looking too bad at all. And the best part, it won't stop in January. My Tasting Room wines will arrive each month! I can't wait to find new ways to enjoy them throughout the whole year.

Limited Time Offer: Join Tasting Room Today And Receive 6 Bottles Of Wine For Only $49.95!

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