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TrueduJour: Everybody Do the McArabia

There is no frontier McDonald's can't conquer: even Pakistan. This week, a new McDonald's opened in the Millennium Mall in the Pakistani town of Quetta. McDonald's thinks even the Taliban likes to chow down on some cheap eats once in awhile. The worldwide fast food chain has just unveiled the McArabia, which is a "shawarma-meets-gyro type of wrap". Senior militant commander Ehsanullah Ehsan scoffed at the restaurant, telling the press, "we don't even consider it as a food." We think this one will be a tough sell, McDonald's.

TrueScience: Can You See Me Now?

These are no ordinary specs. 12-year-old Christopher Ward, Jr. is legally blind, and recently got the chance to try the coolest new thing in eyewear. It's called eSight, and it's a hands-free device that captures video with a high-speed camera to display images of "unprecedented visual clarity". With the glasses, (which cost $15,000) Ward was able to see his mother for the first time. While they are not covered under Ward's insurance, his mother says, "I'll do anything to help get him what he deserves."

TrueEconomy: Buy This

The Commerce Department reported a tiny increase in consumer spending for the month of March. While income rose an impressive 0.4%, spending only increased by 0.1%. Not to worry, say economists. While consumer spending seems snail-like, it's likely to increase over the next few months with job growth still at a healthy pulse.

TrueBooks: Better Late Than Never

Try 67 years late. A New Zealand woman checked out Myths and Legends of Maoriland from an Auckland Library in 1948, and never returned it (until just now). With library protocol upheld, she should have been charged a hefty late fee of $17,000. However, librarians waived the fee because of her good intentions. But to all of you library book hoarders out there -- don't think you can do the same. Librarians are on the lookout, and they will catch you.

TrueMoney: Bronze Digger

Workers in Rome were digging a ditch to install electricity to a park when their shovels hit some rough terrain. It wasn't mole people -- it was coins! Over 1,300 pounds of coins, to be exact. These bronze pieces were believed to have been used to pay taxes back in the day (around the 3rd to 4th century AD). The coins were found inside 19 Roman amphoras (a fancy word for "jugs"). Archaeologists in nearby Seville are excited by the find. Is anyone thinking slot machines?

TrueTip: Summer Bummer

A little advice from us here at TrueSelf: "It's coming, people. Summer, that is. Are you thinking about hitting the tanning bed to get the perfect sun-kissed tan? Think again. The bummer about tanning beds is all too known. Harmful UV radiation can lead to fast-forming wrinkles, brown spots, and skin cancer. According to the Skin Cancer Foundation, if you use a tanning bed before age 35, your risk for melanoma goes up by 75%. We're not trying to scare you. People tan for a reason: to look healthy and refreshed. However, just looking healthy is not as valuable as both looking and being healthy. Here's how you can look tanning-bed tan without destroying your skin." Check this out!

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