How President Trump is Changing the Way We Think About Health

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TrueduJour: Pick "Birth Control That Will Outlast Trump"

During Trump's campaign, he promised to repeal Obamacare, and that means that since his election, over 900% more women are planning on getting IUDs. Under Obamacare, they were covered to get free birth control. But now under a new administration, many women fear not being able to afford birth control. Though Trump's stance on what he actually plans on keeping from Obamacare is vague, these precautions are serious. For more on the story, read this.

TrueSocial: Social Media is Making Our Worlds Smaller

A recent study published in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences revealed that social media, rather than connecting us to a broader world, is actually an "echo chamber." This means, we're only sharing content that aligns with our thoughts and that our friends are sharing. Especially with all of the political mayhem going on, it can become unhealthy to rehash feelings over and over again (especially negative ones). For a broader outlook, we suggest taking a walk outside instead of being hunched behind a screen! Here's more on the study.

TrueSociety: Trump's Executive Immigration Orders Concern Pediatricians

Fear is a powerful emotion that can cause more than just momentary distress. A new report states that pediatricians are concerned about the state of immigrant children under Trump's immigration orders. They fear that childrens' health will be threatened when they understand that they could lose access to the lives that their parents imagined for them, or that they could be deported. Will our country no longer be a refuge for immigrants? For more, read this.

TrueSelf: Fake it Till You Make It

"Everyone knows that when we're truly happy, we have an irrepressible urge to turn up the corners of our mouths and crinkle our eyes. We smile. But back in 1872, Charles Darwin proposed the theory that smiling can actually intensify our emotion of happiness." For more, check this out!

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