TRYWELL Gummies Review: A Black-Owned Brand Addressing Black Health Issues

August is Black Business Month! A month dedicated to supporting Black-owned businesses and giving more visibility to Black-owned brands.

While buying from Black Businesses is not the be-all, end-all of activism, we should still be putting our money where our mouths are. Take a look at your shelves. How much space in your pantry, your vanity, your closet, and your home is dedicated to Black-owned businesses?

Making more room in our lives for Black-owned products is not as simple as it sounds. Especially since many of the stores we trust to curate our shopping for us — think Target, Nordstrom, and other department stores — have a diversity problem.

Organizations like The 15% Pledge are making strides to change this, however. The Fifteen Percent Pledge is partnering with major companies and brands to ask that they dedicate 15% of their shelf space to Black brands, to represent the 15% that Black people make up in the US.

But despite these small movements toward change, across industries, it can still be hard to find products by Black businesses. It’s even harder to find products that cater specifically to Black people’s needs.

TRYWELL is here to be the change.

TRYWELL is a brand of supplement gummies that specifically address common health concerns experienced disproportionately by the Black community. While their gummies can be enjoyed by everyone, their line of targeted supplements is especially tailored to issues facing Black people.

Co-created by mother and son duo Kathy & Tashon Thompson, the duo is making waves in the predominately white wellness industry.

The brand’s mission is to spotlight, educate, and provide solutions to the nutritional shortfalls and significant and disproportionate health disparities often faced by people of color. Through research and education, TRYWELL has identified nutritional gaps often found in the community. And they’re doing something about it.

And, to further their efforts to promote the holistic health of the Black community, TRYWELL donates 10% of all proceeds from their website sales to non-profits and initiatives aimed at improving wellness and promoting nutritional literacy within African American communities.

These yummy gummies are not a chore to take. Instead, they’re sweet, mostly vegan/vegetarian, and packed with good, natural ingredients. They use high-quality ingredients, natural flavors, and colors as well as pectin (gelatin-free). They are all gluten-free and most are vegetarian or vegan. The products go through two 3rd party tests to ensure efficacy and are produced in facilities audited by the FDA and 3rd party certifiers, including NSF.

Explore the range of TRYWELL Gummies below:

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