Turn Everyday Activities into Sexy Stimulators

There's no reason that any scenario shouldn't be an occasion to turn up the heat. Well, perhaps that would be ill-suited for funerals or colonoscopies, but most other activities provide a chance for you to get your sexy on. You have to do these things anyhow, so why not make them a little more titillating? Here are 7 activities that you may have never realized can put you in the mood for something exciting. You'll never look at your to-do list the same ever again!

1. Grocery Shopping

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Everyone needs to eat, but shopping for groceries can become mundane week after week. Spice things up as you strut the aisles in search of your goodies. Think of your grocery list as an aphrodisiac assignment. Pick up foods that not only nourish, but stimulate all the senses. Get some asparagus, dark chocolate, strawberries, pomegranates, and figs to start. Not only will your meals be healthful, but your sexual appetite will be satiated as well!

2. Fitness Club

Looking and feeling good is only one way working out can boost your sexual energy. All the sweaty bodies working hard and pushing their limits is invigorating and inspiring. It doesn't hurt anyone to peek at all those fit and strong bodies in ripped and tight clothing either. Move your body with poise and purpose, and stretch and lift to show off what you've got too!

3. Cooking Dinner

Don't let dinner prep feel like a chore. Instead, embrace the aromas, tastes, and textures so that they encompass your entire being. While cooking, pour yourself a nice glass of red wine and taste little morsels along the way. If you have a lover with you, feed them tempting tastes to tantalize their taste buds for what's to come. Make a meal that's spicy to rev up your bloodstream and wash it down with a mouth-tingling glass of bubbly. "Dessert" will be better than ever!

4. Shower Time

Getting clean is only the tip of the iceberg for what a steamy, hot shower can do for you. Indulge in some skin-softening soaps and soothing body washes. Suds up to some music as you gently wash away the day with a soapy sponge from head to toe. If you're lucky, a partner can join you and you can get dirty and clean at the same time!

5. Book Club

Bookworms and brainy types may have more going on during book club meetings than meets the eye. Suggest a romance novel or a steamy mystery as your next page-turning adventure for the group. Fantasizing about the plot and creating the characters in your mind will excite your sense of what's possible in your own life. Join a book club and never judge a book by its cover!

6. Ball Game

Peanuts and Cracker Jack are tasty, but all the hard work and athleticism at the ball park will get you prepared to round all the bases. Cheer on the home team with your honey and be sure to get caught on the "kiss cam." After a few brewskis and a long day in the heat, you'll be ready to "score!"

7. Coffee Shop

Aside from all the caffeine, which will get you amped up, a few hours at the local coffee shop can get you stimulated for something hot (aside from your low-fat soy latte). Feel the feathery foam from a cappuccino on your lips and the tip of your tongue. Indulge in a chocolate croissant or rich berry scone. Anything so tempting is sure to please and perk you up all over!

Are you ready to head out and enjoy your everyday activities even more? Make each day count with these 7 stimulating steps!

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