Why You Need Skincare That's Customized Just For You

Skincare has always been a struggle for me.

Pharmacy brands just don't give me great results but I'm scared to invest in more high-end products before knowing that they really work for me. And I'm tired of trying to decipher labels to see who really has a "rich formula."

On top of all that, I hate having to deal with the aftermath of a product that completely irritates my skin and I'm getting tired of rolling the dice on them.

My friend Katherine heard about my skin woes and recommended I try Function of Beauty Skin CareI had known Function of Beauty in the world of hair products and didn't understand how they could suddenly be in the skincare game and be so good.

Katherine swore that this was the brand for me. She said that like their hair care, Function of Beauty's skincare products would be made just for me. I was nervous about exploring yet another brand but the idea of customized skincare was so tempting that I had to give it a chance.

The process all started with a quiz. Usually, I'm not a fan of these because they're either too long or not asking the right questions in my opinion. Function is different.

The skin quiz took me about 5 minutes and asked all the major questions I wanted products to address. They asked about my skin type, makeup usage, and sensitivity which are all key to my skincare search. Most products address dry or oily skin, so I was relieved when I got to check off "combination".

However, I was so surprised when they asked about my skin goals! I said that I wanted to minimize my pores, brighten, and tighten my skin - there are so many options and you can choose up to 3.

I love how when I chose a goal, the site told me what active ingredient would help me achieve it and if it might irritate sensitive skin. I had chosen smooth originally but it uses Yuzu extract which could lead to irritation and I didn't want to take that chance.

Function of Beauty is upfront and honest which is so refreshing to get from a skincare brand.

Fragrance has always been a big issue for me choosing products. Luckily, Function of Beauty gave me options. I chose fragrance-free but they also have a 100% natural ( Dew) You scent that combines cucumber and citrus.

Lastly, Function of Beauty recommended a custom face cleanser, serum, and moisturizer, formulated just for me. And all the bottles had my name on them, making it personalized inside and out.

The goals were listed under each product as well as an easy to understand description, plus ingredients. You can pick and choose any of their recommendations if you want to start with just one product, but I was on a mission to overhaul my skin, so I went with all three of their recommendations.

Based on my answers, Function chose the best textures for my products: jelly, micellar, gel, lotion, cream, etc. But I was able to change it at the end if I wanted. It was great seeing their recommendations but not feeling locked into their choices.

I ended up subscribing to the every 2-months plan which let me get free shipping. Subscriptions make you nervous? Me too. Thankfully, you can tweak your order, pause or cancel at any time.

When my order arrived, it included a pamphlet that told me exactly when and how to use the products. There was no way for me to mess up the routine with such clear instructions. The ingredients were also listed again so I didn't need to squint over the bottle, trying to guess at any small print.

I'm typically an all-in-one girl, so why would I need 3 products? When I got to trying them at home I realized Function of Beauty does more than just providing products. They wanted to give me a skincare routine ( and I love it).

Katherine was right — Function of Beauty is the skincare for me. They took my needs and goals into consideration to formulate products that worked and now my skin feels fantastic. The custom touches, from fragrance to bottle design, are amazing and I feel in control of my skin.

I don't have to compromise on skincare anymore, thanks to Function of Beauty.

UPDATE: Treat your skin to CUSTOMIZABLE skincare today! Follow this link to start your quiz!

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