Function of Beauty: The Perfect Mother's Day Gift

My mom is my best friend. She's always gone the extra mile for me, so I always try to spoil her a little by taking her to lunch or surprising her with flowers at our big family dinner on Sundays. It's nice to show her how much I appreciate her with small gestures here and there, but I always try to do a little extra on Mothers Day. Every year, I worry and waste time over what to gift the #1 woman in my life, especially since she's so busy taking care of everyone else she often forgets to take care of herself. This year, instead of resorting to generic gifts — clothes, jewelry, scented candles — I wanted to get her something really special that I know she'd use every day and enjoy to the fullest.

Last year on her birthday, my best friend's mom gave her a customized shampoo set from Function of Beauty, and her hair has never looked better. Function of Beauty is a revolutionary hair care line that customizes shampoo to your exact needs. It makes sense, we all have different hair, so why are we using the same drugstore shampoo? You begin with a hair quiz to give their experts a bit of background on what kind of locks you're dealing with. They ask about your hair type and structure, scent preferences, and what hair goals you have in mind. This was a perfect way to show Mom I care since she's always ogling celebs hair in magazines. After you complete the quiz, engineers and hair experts work to curate your perfect bottle of shampoo & conditioner and send them right to your doorstep.

For my mom, I knew she'd like a light, fruity scent, so I chose Nude (P)each, which has notes of citrus and nectar. As for her hair goals, I knew just what my mom wanted — she has shoulder-length curls that often frizz or lack bounce, and in the past, she's complained about wanting to give her hair more "life" and wanting to tame down some of the fly-aways. I even got to pick the colors for the bottles — I chose green, her favorite! It felt great to be able to give her a custom gift like this one, especially since most beauty products on the market follow the standard one size fits all prototype. They let me put her name right on the bottle (or in this case, I filled in the blank with "Function of Mom"). Plus, my mom rarely treats herself to anything outside of her norm, so the shampoo set was the perfect balance of indulgence and necessity. I was also excited to see that there was a gifting option, so I could send a personal message.

My mom's shampoo arrived less than a week after I ordered it, and I couldn't wait to gift it to her on Mother's Day. She immediately loved the Function of Beauty bottle with her name on it (and the color, of course!) but when she learned that the shampoo was designed just for her, she was even more thrilled. She was especially excited at the thought of her hair being healthier, looking fresher, and using something that's 100% paraben and sulfate free. She even joked that we no longer had to steal each other's shampoo in the shower — a hair goal for the both of us I hadn't even considered!

I checked in with my mom on her hair's status a few weeks after she began using Function of Beauty, and she couldn't help but rave at how soft, shiny, and healthy her hair looked and felt. The customized formula gave her hair the body she always wanted and brought it back to life. She even said she wanted to continue getting regular orders of the shampoo, which means I know what to get her when her birthday comes around -- a subscription, so her personalized bottles are shipped to her doorstep every month. After years of faking a smile for presents she didn't actually like, it was so nice to give my mom something she actually loves and uses every day.

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