5 Stylish and Sustainably Made Upcycled Products

If you're looking to purchase something new, why not find something that's been upcycled?

Upcycled products have been repurposed from older, used products, such as plastic or old wood, and they're at the center of a growing sustainable production industry, one that uses the resources we already have instead of extracting and destroying more.

While the overall threat of climate change and environmental destruction won't be solved by individual actions or purchases—we need a global ban on fossil fuels to do that—it's still a good idea to reduce waste and support brands that keep the Earth and our survival on it in mind.

Here are five upcycled products to check out if you're looking to go green while keeping up with the latest trends.

1. Thuma's Upcycled Bed Frame


Gear Patrol

Thuma's super-stylish bed frame presents a great option for people looking for a mix of minimalist chic and eco-consciousness. The frames are made of repurposed rubberwood from rubber tree plantations, and all products are mailed in packages made of recycled cardboard. The brand keeps the environment in mind during every stage of their process, and even has a partnership with One Tree Planted, meaning that every bed sold results in another tree in one of the world's forests.

2. The Ahi Skateboard

Ahi Skateboard


Skating is all the rage these days, but if you want to invest in a chic product that also doesn't add to the amount of waste already in our oceans, then Bureo's Ahi model is a sure bet. The company uses discarded fishing nets to make these boards, preventing nets from being left to float around in the ocean.

3. Everywhere 100% Recycled T-Shirt

Everywhere 100% Recycled T-Shirt


Who doesn't love a plain white T shirt? Everywhere's take on this classic product is made from recycled cotton and recycled plastic bottles. Each shirt saves a whopping 650 gallons of water. The company offers a variety of other recycled shirts and clothes, so if you do feel the need to buy something new, this is the perfect place to find a style you can feel good about.

4. UpCircle Beauty's Skincare Line


UpCircle Beauty

Skincare is practically a religious ritual for many people, one that has provided a peculiar comfort to thousands of people during the COVID-19 pandemic. But do you ever think about how much plastic those skincare bottles waste, or do you ever question what's actually in all those serums and creams? Fortunately, a new beauty niche known as the "circular beauty industry" is emerging to counteract these mysteries, and upcycled skincare products are all the rage.

UpCircle's skincare products are made from things like coffee grounds, apricot stones, olive pits, and chai spices. Americans waste an average 30-40% of their food supply each day, according to USDA, and all this surplus food usually involves plastic, water, and tons of gasoline poured into the atmosphere to clean it all up. What if we used some of this waste to, say, end world hunger and provide people with the products they need? The prospect is almost utopian and seems so far away in this day and age, but with UpCircle you can convince yourself that we're almost there even just for the length of your skincare ritual.

5. MycoWorks


Mycoworks squarespace

This San Francisco startup converts mushrooms into luxury products, relying on mushrooms' unique fibrous composition instead of animal products or plastics. Since the products are made from delicate mushroom fibres, they are also able to decompose, becoming fertile ground for new types of growth.

The company aims to be at the forefront of the circular fashion industry, one that utilizes the powers of the resources we already have and doesn't add more weight to our already aching Earth. The fashion industry is the world's second largest polluter following the oil industry, so sustainable solutions are becoming urgently important—and MycoWorks' innovative use of the mycelium in all its glory is paving the way.

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