Uqora — Because Nothing Should Cut Into Your Valentine's Day Plans🌹

I was rolling up my yoga mat after my usual class when my friend Lauren asked how I’d been feeling. I’d missed class for two weeks due to my latest UTI.

“Not great.” I told her that I’d tried everything: hydrating, taking vitamin C, peeing as often as possible, and even chugging cranberry juice — which was a total bust.

On top of that, Valentine’s Day was approaching and my partner had all these grand romantic plans. I told Lauren that I was really looking forward to sharing some intimate time with my sweetie, but I was worried that yet another UTI could get in the way of a romantic night.

Then Lauren had a light bulb moment, “that’s because you’re being reactive rather than taking a proactive approach to your urinary tract health.”

Say what now? I’ve struggled with recurrent UTIs since my early 20s and had yet to find an effective way to deal with them. The burning, the pain, the frequent bathroom trips have sometimes been a real buzz kill. Some have even negatively affected my ability to be close to past partners.

Lauren’s a huge fan of a brand called Uqora. They specialize in UTI education and make UTI relief products. Plus, Uqora offers a full line of products designed to keep a person’s urinary tract (UT) health in tip-top shape. I was certainly skeptical because I've tried a bunch of other products that promised they’d work.

So, I hopped on Uqora's website to find out what makes Uqora any different. I’m the type of person who spends hours reading customer reviews. I’ll admit that I’m impressed by Uqora’s library of unfiltered, uncurated reviews.* They feel like real user stories and not a bunch of marketing hype. According to their website, Uqora's proactive regimen has been a total game-changer for people like me.

You can also filter reviews by age range (nope, I’m not going to tell you mine!) This led me to Uqora’s welcoming online community of people just like me, sharing their individual journeys to better urinary tract health. And I was encouraged to see that 95% of Uqora customers reported improvements to their urinary health after starting Uqora.** But would it work for me?

Apparently, Uqora’s products are designed to support you through the changes that affect urinary tract health — from periods to menopause and beyond. This goes for both men and women, from young adulthood all the way through old age, when your urinary health might need more support.

Uqora has three unique supplements, each designed to support a different element of your urinary tract health. Their most popular bundle is their Complete Regimen which consists of all three products. However, you can customize your regimen to fit your specific needs. And if you’re unsure which products are right for you, take the quiz on the Uqora website or reach out to their team.

Flush is a powdered drink mix you can add to water that flushes the urinary tract. It has a mild pink lemonade flavor and takes effect upon urination to keep your tract clear. Uqora’s website recommends drinking a full glass once every 3 days or in those moments you need extra support like after sex, when traveling, or even just being in a wet swimsuit too long.

Defend capsules (2 per day) support bladder wall integrity and cleanse biofilm. Defend contains key ingredients which mechanism research shows have the ability to cleanse biofilm.

Finally, Promote capsules (1 per day) help maintain “good” vaginal bacteria that live naturally in a healthy vagina. The idea here is that your vaginal and bladder health are interconnected, so vaginal health is key for urinary tract health. I could also take Promote alongside any other probiotics I’m on, which is a relief.

I still wasn’t 100% sold, but with Uqora’s happiness guarantee, I can test out everything for 60 days. If I’m not satisfied, I simply contact their customer success team for a refund. I can also opt-out anytime I want — no commitment.

Then it hit me — Uqora could be the key to unlocking more comfort and passion this V-Day. And maybe even help with day-to-day intimacy? After all, love isn’t limited to one night a year.

With nothing to lose, I went for it. I opted for a subscription to Uqora’s best-selling Complete Regimen, which starts at only $52 (a $90 value) and automatically renews every 4 weeks. I receive an email 3 days before the next month’s shipment, which is a helpful reminder (and an easy out if I don’t see the results I want.)

But no need to bail, I absolutely adore Uqora. I’m several weeks into using the Complete Regimen for my overall urinary tract health. And drinking Uqora’s Flush powdered drink is such a great post-sex hack.

Thanks to Uqora, my urinary health won’t slow me down this Valentine’s Day!

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