Uqora's Proactive Urinary Health Supplements – My Honest Review

Today I’m reviewing Uqora, the makers of innovative urinary tract health supplements. Keep reading to learn about how Uqora’s science-backed ingredients are helping women like me take a proactive approach to their urinary tract health and if it's worth it…

The Products

First Impressions

My Verdict

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The Products

There’s nothing I love more than tossing my gear in a bag and spontaneously flying off to Europe, or even just to a part of America I haven’t experienced before. Sadly, these trips typically bring with them the unwanted stress of urinary tract health issues.

I rarely made it through one of these getaways scott-free. And I’m not alone. Urinary tract issues will impact at least one in two females in their lifetime*. That’s half of all women!

Ever since college, I’d been searching for an effective urinary tract health solution. I drank my fair share of cranberry juice — not a fan. And I tried a bunch of different OTC relief products, but they only masked the pain. But then I found Uqora.

Uqora’s best-selling urinary tract health supplements are unique in that they are designed to proactively support your urinary health.

What instantly caught my attention was that Uqora was created in collaboration with physicians and urologists. And they use science-backed ingredients which made me feel like I can totally trust their products. I had a trip to Toronto planned so I ordered up a box of Flush just to be prepared.

First Impressions

I drank Uqora’s Flush before I flew, when I got to my hotel, and after sex. And Flush worked like a dream. It’s a pink lemonade-flavored drink mix that provides a simple and effective way to flush your urinary tract regularly. The formula leverages a combination of powerful ingredients that alkalize the urine, making it less acidic and unlocking the efficacy of d-mannose — a naturally occurring sugar that binds to microorganisms in the urinary tract and flushes them out.

In addition to boosting your immune system, it also increases urinary flow with a gentle diuretic that takes effect upon urination to further help flush your urinary tract. My favorite part is that it provides peace of mind when I need it most, like after sex, exercise, or travel.

I was super impressed with Flush and felt so relieved knowing I finally had a way to proactively support my urinary health while traveling. It wasn’t until I went to Uqora’s website to order more Flush that I realized Uqora offers an entire bundle for people who need maximum urinary tract health support – The Complete Regimen. Since this bundle includes flush as well, I added it to my cart without hesitation and checked out. I could hardly wait to try it!

Uqora’s Complete Regimen.

Although each product in Uqora’s 3-part proactive regimen supports a different angle of urinary health, they work hand-in-hand together. The Complete Regimen is perfect for you if urinary tract health impacts your life 3+ times a year or more. Hello, that’s me!

Defend changed the game for me. It’s a daily supplement that supports bladder wall integrity and cleanses biofilm, which helps to keep the urinary tract clear on a day-to-day basis. It’s perfect for someone who struggles with urinary health on a more ongoing basis since it provides daily support.

Defend includes natural ingredients such as Green Tea Leaf Extract and Turmeric Root Extract, both of which have been shown to cleanse biofilm in mechanism research. It also contains Vitamin D, increasing tight junction proteins in the bladder, essentially connecting cells.

Promote really rounds out Uqora’s Complete Regimen. Promote is a specialized vaginal probiotic that contains 3 strains of the Lactobacillus aka the “good” bacteria necessary to keep the vaginal microbiome balanced. Because vaginal health is tightly linked to urinary tract health, Promote is an important part of the Complete Regimen, especially if you’re menopausal, sexually active, or have just finished taking antibiotics. You can take Promote with any other probiotics you’re already taking too!

My Verdict

Thanks to Uqora, I’m globe trotting again! If you’re still skeptical, I have great news for you – you can try their products risk-free with their Happiness Guarantee! It gives you 60 days to test everything and if you’re unsatisfied you get a full refund. Plus, when I buy the bundle I get all 3 products for only $52 — usually $90.

I also love Uqora’s super supportive community. They have an informative website with a truly helpful library of 400K+ unfiltered, uncurated reviews** that showcase people finding success with Uqora products.

If you’re ready to take a proactive approach to your urinary tract health, definitely go with Uqora!

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