I Tried Veestro For A Month. Here’s Everything You Need To Know.

Every month I tell myself "This is it. This month I'm going to eat healthier and stick to it."

But every time, no matter how strong I start off, I fall back into my takeout habits and quick-fix meals.

At first, I thought that meal prepping and meal kits were the only way I was going to get healthier meals into my day-to-day. As it turns out I'm not that gifted in the kitchen and the whole process just feels so draining. Whether I'm starting from scratch and need to buy ingredients (I always forget something) or I'm washing a million dishes after the meal, it feels like eating healthy costs me so much time and energy.

One day my friend recommended Veestro. She swears by these ready-to-eat plant-based meals that are delivered right to her door. I never understood how frozen meals could be healthy but after telling me how much stress they've taken off her shoulders I decided to give it a fair shot.

I tried Veestro's A La Carte plan of 20 meals for one month. Here's how it went and here are the questions I got answers to along the way:

Week 1 - Will it work with my day-to-day life?

Wow! Right off the bat, my first week was delicious. Some of my favorites included the Carrot Osso Bucco, Red Curry with Tofu, and Mushroom Risotto. Each was packed with flavor and the portions were perfect.

I quickly noticed how I've saved so much time with Veestro. Their meals are ready-to-eat so all I need to do is pull it out, heat it up, and sit down to a wholesome, great-tasting dinner. During the workweek when I'm pressed for time I just pop my meal into the microwave and voila!

On the weekends with more time to spare I use the oven or a skillet which is still faster than cooking from scratch and even more delicious. Each Veestro meal can be stored in my freezer for 8 to 10 weeks and the meals I plan on eating in the next couple of days I move to the fridge to thaw out.

Clean-up is practically non-existent thanks to Veestro and now I have no excuse to keep me from eating healthier. They're so easy to grab-and-go, I've even started taking them to the office!

Week 2 - Is it really healthy?

My biggest worry when it came to Veestro was how healthy could it actually be? It turns out that this meal delivery service is actually great for you. All of their meals are 100% plant-based, with organic ingredients and no preservatives. They're also nut-free, soy-free, gluten-free, and kosher to work with a wide range of diets.

I love every day being "Meatless Monday" with Veestro and the benefits of incorporating more plants into my diet is incredible for both my health and the environment. I even got to eat healthy versions of my guilty pleasures like their Pepp'roni Pizza, Baked Mac & Cheez Dinner, and Country Fried Chick'n.

Week 3 - Are there a lot of options?

The first couple of weeks have been great with Veestro but I was worried that around the three-week mark, was when I'd start getting bored. When I'd tried healthy meals before I discovered that I just couldn't come up with enough ways to cook my veggies while keeping meals interesting and flavorful - thankfully, Veestro doesn't have that problem.

Veestro has over 50+ meals to choose from and twice a month, 2 new menu items are added! I was far from bored and instead found it hard to narrow down my choices. They've got tons of homestyle classics and globally inspired cuisines for breakfast and entrees (lunch/dinner). Some of my favorites included the Soba Noodles in Peanut Sauce, Southwest BBQ Chick'n, and Hearty Bowl.

Their meals are totally filling and even though I'm not focused on weight loss I can tell these low-calorie dishes would be the way to go (they even have a separate weight loss plan).

Week 4 - How does the subscription work?

With Veestro you can use their A La Carte offering to choose 10, 20, or 30 meals for one-time delivery or subscribe and have them ship every 1, 2, or 4 weeks to get free delivery and 10% off. I tested out the 20 meals ($10.80/meal) for this first month and it worked out great. I definitely felt better sticking to a more plant-based diet, but I'm not making the switch to veganism anytime soon so it gave me the flexibility to still eat out and indulge a bit each week.

I'm so glad I subscribed and now all I have to do is choose my meals - simple as that! I can even see myself moving up to 30 meals since it's so convenient and really takes the stress off cooking off my shoulders.

I can pause or cancel my Veestro subscription anytime, so it works with my lifestyle. This is a subscription I definitely don't regret adding on.

Veestro has totally opened my mind to healthier, plant-based foods and I can't believe how I had been struggling before when this service was out there. Try Veestro and enjoy easy dinners that make you feel great.

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