My Secret To Brand New Brows

My eyebrows have always been patchy.

Every day I thank the beauty industry that thick, dark brows aren't in anymore, but a healthy full brow to frame the face always will be, and mine fail.

My lefty is a mess, which makes my right side look better but it still needs help too. I wanted to see if there were any eyebrow growth formulas to help fill her in because I'm so over spending all that time in the morning filling them in.

Upon researching, I was shocked to find so many harsh chemicals and ingredients with horrible side effects. Brands like Revitalash can cause irritation, swelling, redness, discoloration, or blurred vision!! One of the ingredients is even a muscle relaxant, which weirded me out.

I was complaining to a friend who told me she'd started growing back in her thinning hairline with Vegamour's GRO+ collection.

The "+" on their website means the product includes hemp. I'd heard about Vegamour before, but I was a little over the beauty hemp obsession. What does it even do?

She told me she was starting to notice some growth, and I really wanted that for me, but I didn't know if natural products really did anything.

I thought I'd look at their ingredients. In the GRO+ Brow Serum, there were 3 active ingredients:

  • Hemp - known to soothe skin, reduce inflammation
  • Red Clover - clinically shown in some subjects to inhibit the production of growth-stopping DHT
  • Mung Bean - known to strengthen the dermal papillae

I liked their explanation for why they used hemp; it wasn't just "oh this is trendy." It works on top of the ingredients that are already doing their job to promote brow growth.

Someone in the reviews called it a magic potion, so I thought I'd subscribe for 3 months to see what would happen. They claim you can start to see results in 30 days, but the peak would be a little later, and subscribing saves you 11%, so it seemed like a good option if I wanted to give it a real chance.

When my serum arrived, the packaging was gorgeous, and it didn't smell artificial! I decided to take pictures every Sunday to track if it was actually working or not. You apply it twice daily in the beginning, and then switch to once a day after the first two months.

My pictures for the first 3 Sundays looked pretty much the same and I was ready to give up. I thought I'd wait a month before writing a mean review, but then on the 4th Sunday, I noticed a definite difference. My middle and top hairs looked longer than usual and there was some new growth in my left eyebrow patch and near the ends!

It was so exciting to see the little hairs start sprouting.

After 3 months I lined up all my photos and was wildly impressed. There was a noticeable difference, and I barely even registered where the patch used to be.

I really thought all growth products were either toxic or useless, and Vegamour completely proved me wrong. This is a non-toxic, vegan, and natural way to promote brow growth.

They have plenty of other products, too, for your hair and lashes, so take a look! I'm so happy I tried this.

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