Hair Loss In Women Of All Ages Is On The Rise

  • Stress is disrupting the hair growth process in an increasing number of women during the pandemic.
  • Minoxidil is one of the cures, but it has a number of potentially harmful side effects.
  • The best brand for combatting hair loss is Vegamour; they're natural and extremely effective with no potential side effects.

With increased stress in a turbulent year, more and more women are experiencing hair loss. It can be a symptom of genetic or hormonal issues, but stress is a major cause; and why wouldn't it be?

Your skin shows signs of aging under duress, so it goes that premature greys wouldn't be the only hair issue you could have.

There are 3 phases of the hair cycle:

  1. Anagen - Growth
  2. Catagen - Regression
  3. Telogen - Resting

hair up close

When these cycles are interrupted by cortisol, the stress hormone, that can be the cause of hair loss. There's also an increase in Covid-19 patients suffering hair loss, but the correlation is still attributed to the stress of the illness rather than the illness itself.

Sure, adding yoga to your busy schedule can help, but if you're ready to tackle the problem at its root (no pun intended), there are plenty of options.

The most well-known option is Minoxidil, the key ingredient in brands like Rogaine. It's proven to be effective, however, there's a very long list of potential side effects including inflammation, soreness, shedding, and even heart and respiratory issues.

So, we found a natural alternative that yes, really works. It's called Vegamour.

Vegan Haircare
Free of Sulfates, Silicones, Parabens, Gluten, & Artificial Fragrances
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Vegamour before and after hair growth

Vegamouruses ingredients clinically tested to deliver an increase in hair density by up to 52% and a reduction of shedding by up to 76% after 4 months of use, but plenty of people report seeing that noticeable change taking place much earlier. They've got hundreds of amazing reviews backing up their efficiency, but it all comes down to their clinically-studied natural formulas.

They focus on preventing the elements that cause hair loss to manifest using ingredients found in nature like mung bean, red clover, and curcumin.

Also, everything is vegan and cruelty-free! The revolutionary products have zero known potential negative side effects, unlike many hair growth competitors.

Vegamour before and after, scalp close-up

Stress-induced hair loss can bring on more stress and more hair loss, so by tackling the hair loss part, you can reduce your stress and break out of the cycle.

They offer a large range of lifestyle products, so you can incorporate Vegamour into whatever part of your routine works for you. You can apply the GRO Hair Serumto your hairline once a day on dry hair or disperse the GRO Hair Foam if you're ready to style. They also offer a new cult-favorite, their GRO Dry Shampoo, and a GRO Revitalizing Shampoo and Conditioner.

Vegamour works with your hair naturally, not against it, to stimulate growth and give you back your hairline, and maybe even the long mermaid length you've always dreamed about.

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