Vegamour’s Hair Care Routine - My Expectations Vs. Reality

Editor's Note:Over the past year, I experienced every woman’s nightmare: my hair was thinning and falling out in chunks… I guess it was a result of the daily styling, constant coloring, not to mention stress! When I searched for safe hair care products that could save my mane, I stumbled upon Vegamour. Their plant-based formulas are developed with clinically proven ingredients and promote hair growth.

My Expectations

With tons of hair products out there, it isn't easy to choose the right one. How can I know which product works and which doesn't? Plus, I can't just return a shampoo after trying it like I can clothes.

When I found Vegamour online, I was impressed that all their products are clean and free of synthetic hormones or carcinogens. My hair has suffered enough from toxic chemicals. However, $104 for their GRO Foundation Kit even if it does include GRO Shampoo, GRO Conditioner, and GRO Detox Scalp Serum sounded pricey. Of course, I'd pay anything for products that work, but I wasn’t sure if they would.

I’ve always believed that plant-based products are less effective. When I told my friend Trina that I was considering Vegamour she said I was merely buying into the holistic hype. But I didn’t let her doubt deter me and instead I dug deeper into the real customers' reviews.

People reported fuller-looking hair in as soon as 90 days. Vegamour's line helped with thinning, bald spots, and shedding. Powerful phyto-active ingredients - mung bean, red clover, curcumin - are clinically tested and proven to achieve optimal results. And its gentle formula makes it safe for all hair types and textures.

When I discovered that Vegamour offers a satisfaction guarantee that includes returns and exchanges - even if the product is already used. I decided to give it a try. I ordered the bundle and tossed in the GRO Hair Serum so I could get the full treatment.

My Experience

As soon as my Vegamour box arrived, I dived right into my new hair wellness routine. First, I parted my hair into even sections and massaged in a small amount of the GRO Detox Scalp Serum. After 7 minutes, I jumped into the shower and rinsed.

I only needed a small pump of Vegamour's GRO shampoo - almost half as much as I used with my old shampoo. Maybe the price wasn't as bad as I thought if a bottle lasts longer - not to mention I fell in love with its smell! The GRO conditioner is just as easy to apply. Then once I’d towel dried my hair, I finished by rubbing a few drops of the GRO serum into my scalp.

I wash my hair twice a week and apply the GRO serum daily to achieve the best results. I knew I had to be patient because the regrowth process takes time. So I continued with the whole routine for about three months.

Wow. Looking at my before and after pictures, I was absolutely shocked by the results. My bald spots have improved, and my hair looks fuller, thicker, and revitalized. Even my dad noticed! It's rare to find a product that delivers on what it promises, but Vegamour totally does it for me!

I immediately signed up for a subscription to save a little extra and keep my Vegamour must-haves in stock. If you experience hair thinning or you simply want to refresh your hair wellness, I can’t recommend Vegamour enough!

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