Vegetarians Are Loving These Personalized Vitamins To Help Meet Their Nutritional Needs

I stopped eating meat at 12 years old when I learned what a hot dog actually was. Almost twenty years later, and I'm proud to say that I've been a vegetarian ever since. At some periods of my life, I've even abstained from eating all animal products. Because family members always gave me backlash about not getting enough protein, I eat more tempeh, nuts, and beans, and make sure to drink plenty of water. But in my late-20's when I was working a 9-to-5, going to grad school at night, and hustling for my creative side gig, my favorite hobby became trying to fit 9 hours of sleep into 6.

I didn't want my under eye bags to tell my story, so I asked my busiest friends how they balance self-care and wellness while being total boss babes. The answer? Vitamins. My friend told me she gets a vitamin boost from Madefor, a vitamin delivery service customized to your exact needs. My friend takes her supplements every morning to help keep her energy up throughout the day and build up her immune system for cold season. Every month, she gets a pack of curated capsules designed just for her lifestyle delivered right to her doorstep.

As a vegetarian and a self-proclaimed workaholic, I do try to eat healthy, but sometimes it's six o'clock and I realize I forgot to eat lunch. If there's anything meat-free available in the work kitchen, I'll chow down on it just to avoid hunger, but it's usually just chips or something with lots of salt and no nutrition. Because I'm a vegetarian, I assumed I was eating healthy, but recently I was prescribed a B12 pill because my hands and feet were falling asleep so often. It made me wonder what other key nutrients my body was missing. But how was I supposed to know what I needed?

That's when my friend suggested MadeFor's quiz, an online tool that tells you what nutrients your body might be lacking based on questions about your diet and lifestyle. It was so quick and easy to use, and MadeFor's nutritional experts gave me in-depth insight about my body I never would have known otherwise. They recommended not only B12, but also an omega-3, Gotu Kola, and astaxanthin. The vegan omega-3 capsule is for brain sharpness, the pure plant-based Gotu Kola supplement is for brain longevity, and the algae-based astaxanthin capsule is for immunity, brain and skin health. I was happily surprised at how few pills I needed - I thought I would have to swallow handfuls of capsules to get all the nutrients I needed, but they only prescribe what your body needs and nothing you don't.

After 2 cycles, my skin was glowing, but that was probably my "red wonder weapon," the astaxanthin! It's linked to skin health, and I noticed less zits on my t-zone and an overall glow. What I really love is that my daily dosage comes in little packets for each day, so I'm never confused. Plus, I can throw them in my purse if I'm too busy in the morning.

Consuming a daily dose of vitamin supplements has helped me align my life more with the goals I wanted to achieve. I still sometimes don't get enough sleep, but the vitamins help boost my natural energy levels and my immune system so even days after a restless night I can still rock it at work. Wellness is a long journey, but MadeFor is making it a little easier.

Update: Madefor is extended a discounted offer for Trueself readers: Sign up today and get 20% off your first two boxes.

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