How to Make the Most of Venus in Pisces

Like peanut butter and jelly, Venus and Pisces are happy together.

Pisces, symbol of universal love, is boundless and an embodiment of our divine oneness. Pisces' watery quality is the perfect match for Venus, who was born from the sea. Put simply, Venus rules love and money, but her powers go far beyond that. More than money, Venus rules our values, our sentiments, and the pleasure we take in life. Aesthetics and beauty fall under her domain, as do artistic leanings and the most important things that make us happy. In a dreamy, mutable sign like Pisces, Venus is at her best, what astrologers call "an exaltation." Everything related to beauty, love, relationships (both romantic and platonic), money, and pleasure are at an all-time high.

"Pisces recognizes no boundaries, and loving Venus puts a spotlight on our relationships. Together, they perfectly exhibit an unconditional and spiritual love that transcends all physical limitations. It's true, these two really do make an incredible cosmic couple," says

Here's how you can make the most of this energetic union as it passes across the sky.

Fall in love (with yourself)

Venus in Pisces casts a hypnotic love spell over everyone, and romance doesn't get more enchanting in this partnership. Our desire will be to fall in love and be in love. Why not take this opportunity to focus on a love affair with the self — aka the most enduring relationship of all? Give yourself the attention and care you long for. Get dolled up and take yourself out for a glass of Champagne. Book a hair gloss treatment for ultimate shine or write a love letter to yourself about everything you want to be admired and adored for. Take a hike, sit somewhere quiet, and meditate on your lovability.

Be wary of rose-colored glasses

Pisces and Venus cast a dreamy and romantic spell over everyone and everything — a spell that might be broken when Venus moves on. Now is not the best time to make a commitment to someone or something you don't already know well. Maybe, for example, don't runaway with the hottie you meet at the tiki bar or sign your life over to a new 60+ hour a week job that pops up out of nowhere.

"It's easy to believe in love at first sight when Venus is in Pisces, so we need to take it slow so that we don't end up falling in love with an illusion," warns

See your tried-and-true in a new light

Rose-colored glasses aren't all bad though. If you've grown too familiar with your steady long-term partner — say, leaving the bathroom door open, wearing sweats to date night, watching Catastrophe instead of kissing — or you've gotten into the bad habit of focusing on their all-too-human flaws — like being a little lackadaisical with the dishes or texting in mid-convo —Venus and Pisces can help us appreciate what we have. Let go of your expectations in order to experience deeper and more meaningful connections with your partner in order to experience love in its purest form. With someone with whom you are intimately connected, this may be a time you make a more serious commitment, like moving in together or getting married.

Let your creative juices flow

Venus in Pisces offers the opportunity to venture beyond the superficial and go deep in love, reflecting in writing on the spiritual, the ephemeral, the psychic, and the deep-seated. On April 10th, Neptune joins the party for a dose of heightened sensitivity, adding even more dreamy and ethereal vibes. Venus in Pisces is also a good time to consider how to monetize such a pursuit.

But go easy on the sauce

Pisces is sensitive — emotionally and physically. Since judgement may already be impaired this month, watch your intake of mind-altering drugs and alcohol that may further your perceptions of being, well, drunk in love.

Added bonus

On April 5th, a New Moon in Aries marks the beginning of a new cycle. It's not just any New Moon — a New Moon in the first sign of the zodiac makes this an especially auspicious time for beginnings. Capitalize on the positive energy of the Ram, which is about taking action: be brave, try something new, take charge of ourselves, and discover our own personal courage.

This is also a good time to re-evaluate our relationship to ourselves. This New Moon in Aries also offers the chance to make important changes in our lives. Make solid yet realistic plans, and don't be defeated if there are obstacles. The New Moon forms a square to Saturn, suggesting some blocks surrounding our new beginnings that may not lead to things getting off the ground as quickly as we'd like. Stay the course. Venus and Pisces believe in you.

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