You're Probably Not Getting Enough Out Of Your Vitamin C

Acerola Cherry is the new Orange.

When that first sneeze turns into two or three in a row with that tickle in the back of my throat, I use to always reach for those little sachets of vitamin C powder.

But what's even in them? Nothing, that's what!

I would drink so many glasses of that orange powder and still get so sick, stinging eyes, nose on the verge of being blown off, barking like a dog with all the coughing and an aching body. Most vitamin C supplements are genetically modified, highly processed and only contain a fraction of the vitamin C compound - no wonder they don't work.

My sister disagreed with me and laughed at my vitamin C rescue sachets. "Vitamin C isn't a cure, it's preventative." She told me she takes Paleovalley's Essential C Complex every day to boost her immune system and protect her against all the colds and flus out there.

You want me to take Vitamin C every day, no thanks! But then I got sick again and had to take a week off work, whereas my sister hasn't been sick all year. So I thought I would try her Paleovalley vitamin C capsules. Here's what I was surprised to learn from taking them:

I had never heard of the ingredients; Acerola Cherry is the most potent source of natural vitamin C, 120 times more than oranges. The Camu Camu Berry and Alma berry are rich in vitamin C and support a healthy immune system, skin, eyes and heart and brain health.

Humans are the only mammals that don't make their own vitamin C, we must get it all through our diet.

Vitamin C is not just an immune booster, it is also a powerful antioxidant that aids tissue regeneration, iron absorption, production of collagen, fight oxidative stress along with so many more.

Paleovalley uses only whole food natural ingredients which means you receive the full spectrum of nutrients, minerals, and bioflavonoids from vitamin C, which is better absorbed in the body.

Paleovalley is the most concentrated source of natural vitamin C - 750% of your daily recommended intake of vitamin C.

After trying Paleovalley's Essential C Complex, I now understand how vitamin C really works, when you have a naturally potent source.

It is such a powerful preventative! I love my new daily Paleovalley vitamin C routine, every morning I take it knowing that I am helping to protect myself against all the nasty bacteria and viruses out there.

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