Sick With A Cold Every Fall Season? Read This.

This summer was insanely busy - but in a good way.

I started a new 9-5 that really had me working from 8-8. I was thrown into a high-pressure work environment with minimal training, and it took all Summer for me to start figuring out what I was doing. What kept me from pulling my hair out was that I took a great trip to the Bahamas with my best friends. We had the most relaxing week ever, and I came back feeling rejuvenated thanks to all of that Vitamin D!

Enter- the realities of Fall! I feel like the seasons changed overnight. The biting crisp cold in the air and the up and down weather is already starting to make me feel run down. All Summer, my body was coasting on sun and piña coladas, so as soon as I came back to the stress of real life, it fell apart!

This year, I'm determined not the let the colder weather and shorter days get me down. Last year, I was sick every other week, and barely had the energy to enjoy the little things, like happy hour drinks with friends. I was venting to my group chat about the impending doom of my body's yearly breakdown, and one friend recommended made for_; a personalized vitamin service that sends you daily supplement packs, curated for your health needs.

I wasn't convinced. How much better could a couple of pills a day really make me feel? Turns out, A LOT. I went online and took their 5-minute quiz, which asked me questions about my diet, stress and activity levels, energy, and health goals. It's thorough, which I liked, and I was excited that energy and immune system were just a few of the health goals you could choose.

I thought that stress and exhaustion was just a necessary part of #adulting, but maybe it didn't have to impact my life so negatively.

made for_ suggested Vitamin C and Astaxanthin to boost my immune system, Vitamin D3, to make up for the lack of sunshine in the winter months. For energy, they recommended CLA, which I'd never heard of. It helps boost your metabolism and has slow-release caffeine to keep you going all day- minus the crash. Next was 2-in-1 prebiotic and probiotic to help with my gastrointestinal issues (let's be real, I don't have a b.m. for like, 3 days sometimes when I'm super stressed).

Lastly, they suggested Melatonin (low key, the prettiest pill I've ever seen), which helps you sleep through the night, and is a great way to get over jet lag. That'll come in handy if I'm ever unchained from my desk long enough to take another vacation! I was worried how these vitamins might affect my other medications, but it turns out, they have a 24/7 nutritionist available on chat to answer any questions you might have. They even offer monthly one-on-one consultations included in the price.

Instead of having an overflowing bathroom cabinet, I have cute daily packs of pre-portioned vitamins with my name on them. Plus, for all 5 pills, it only costs $1.50 a day, and you get so much more than just vitamins. The company is all about giving you the tools to improve your health holistically. made for_are completely transparent about the quality and sourcing of their ingredients, so I know I'm putting only the best into my body( none of those fake vitamins from Amazon that everyone has been talking about!). I leave my box at work, so I remember to take my supplements with lunch, and after a few weeks, I'm already starting to feel better.

They say it takes up to 3 months to feel the full effect, but a short time after my box arrived, I was already feeling a little less frazzled and more energized(I swear I those CLA pills are like magic!). Work is just as busy, if not more so, but I feel less like death in the morning, and more capable of tackling whatever the day throws at me.

I've even cut down my daily coffee intake from "dangerously high" to "normal functioning human." Even with the rapidly decreasing temperatures outside, I feel better than ever on the inside. Thanks to made for_, I haven't felt the slightest sniffle (knock on wood!), and I'm finally sleeping through the night.

Update: made for has a limited time special offer for our readers: Get 30% OFF Your First 3 Boxes With Code:GET30X3

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