What Women Are Saying About Vuori Activewear

We ask for a lot out of our activewear. We want to be comfortable, but look cool; want to breathe, but feel supported. We want to do everything in them - workouts, lunches, and naps all included.

Activewear is the swiss army knife of our wardrobes that can be paired with everything and take us anywhere. With so many choices out there, we were overjoyed when we found the only brand that gives us what we need from our performance wear -- Vuori.

No matter what your day looks like, Vuori's got you covered.

The Aspiring Active

Favorite Feature: High-Quality Fabrics

Experience: Every time I step into the gym, it feels like I'm surrounded by Olympians. To make the experience worse, my leggings are either always slipping, or I squat down and discover they're see-through. Everyone says people aren't looking at you as much as you think, but I still feel like I'm sticking out like a sore thumb.

I have tried all sorts of brands and leggings since that experience and none of them gave me any support. A few weeks into the gym, I saw a woman really getting after her workout in front of me with zero legging-slippage. I looked at her leggings and they had a small white patch on the side that said Vuori.

I went online once I got home and found them -- Vuori's Daily Legging. I pulled the trigger and ordered. They were even better than I imagined.

I love the small detail of the drawstring tie and the ⅞ crop makes me look way taller than I actually am. The high-rise waist paired with Vuori's no-slip fit makes sure that I never have to stop a workout just to pull my pants up.

I feel comfortable and confident walking into any workout, and now I want people to look at me.

The Loungewear Lover

Favorite Feature: Cool Comfort

Experience: There's no reason why people need to change more than twice a day. If it were up to me, I'd stay in my pajamas all day -- the constant outfit changes are too much for me! I don't want to make more than one decision about my outfit per day, and now I don't have to.

Vuori's Performance Jogger is the perfect pant for literally everything. I can work and play all day long without ever having to change. It has the softest material made from their DreamKnit™ fabric and the relaxed fit is exactly that -- slim enough that it still defines my legs and waist, but relaxed enough to give me endless comfort.

Not only are these the softest joggers I've ever owned, but they're also moisture-wicking so I can run to the grocery store or take my dog out, no matter what the weather. The Performance Jogger comes in 14 different colors and let's just say I have more than 5.

The Go-Girl

Favorite Feature: Tech

Experience: Between yoga classes, an endless errand list, and catching up with friends, I have little to no time to change, which is why every morning I make sure my outfit can take me everywhere I need to go.

Thanks to the rib-knit material, the Rib Crop Tank is flattering in all the right places. It's easy to pair with anything in my closet as a layering piece or as a standalone for hot afternoons. The best part is that it comes with built-in bra support, so I don't have to constantly try and hide my bra straps.

After finding the Ripstop Pants, I'm never wearing another pair of jeans again. The Ripstop pants are sustainable, have two-way stretch, come with an elastic waistband, and the best part -- real pockets. No more fake, baby jean pockets; these pants have both mesh pockets and a zipper pocket so I can stash my phone, wallet and even keys when I'm on the go.

Vuori's lineup of activewear has something for everyone whether you're new to the workout scene or just love the look of it. It's comfortable, breathable, and gives an effortless, easy look no matter what you have planned for the day.

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