Two High-end Athleisure Brands, One Winner: Vuori > lululemon

  • lululemon has long been known as the it-brand for high-end athleisure and performance-wear, but the high prices don’t always equate to high value
  • We found a competing brand, Vuori, which offers less expensive prices for similar types of garments and we’re obsessed with their line
  • Read below to see why Vuori is our new it-brand

Once you find your go-to athleisure items, everything clicks into place. Suddenly, you’ve got a wardrobe for yoga, grocery shopping, working from home — all the workouts and errands become a little more exciting (and stylish).

While looking good is easy, you also want your pieces to last. Ripped jeans are a fashion statement, but ripped leggings are not. Big box stores aren’t cutting it for this kind of quality, so we started with the athleisure staple, lululemon.

We liked their diverse range of styles and new collections, but the high price tags were kind of baffling — $118 for the flare leggings that some of us still have in the backs of our closets? Nope. Plus, we noticed some site-wide comments on the company changing their fabrics to be less durable.

So, we decided to look elsewhere, and that’s how we found Vuori, which is now our forever fave. Here’s why if you were a lululemon fan, you’ll love Vuori:

Best For, Well, Everywhere

Not only are Vuori’s collections designed for sweat sessions, but they can take you anywhere. Their latest Court Collection may give you an advantage in tennis, but the classic stripes and preppy colors make their items perfect for brunch or weekend hangs.

Their windbreakers and fleece jackets will keep you warm on chilly hikes and the surprisingly cold temps at the movie theater.

High-Quality Performance Tech

Vuori’s designers think bigger than just durability and go for materials that benefit you in ways you never thought possible.

Some of their techniques, features, and fabrics include:

  • DreamKnit™ soft premium stretch fabric
  • Anti-odor tech
  • Moisture-wicking fabric
  • Sun-protected clothing (UPF ratings)
  • Sizing from XXS to XXL for women and XS to XXL for men

We’re obsessed with a brand that can keep us comfy and lets us shop mindfully.

Wide Range For Men & Women

Some athleisure companies tend to focus on one gender and leave the other as an afterthought, but Vuori puts equal effort into both collections.

For men, you’ll find the Sunday Performance Joggers and soft Strato Tech Tees, but also Kore Shorts and Ace Polos. For women, beyond the bestselling Daily Legging you’ll also find full-coverageCozy Sherpa Jackets plus trendy Lux Jumpsuits and Studio Onesies.

If you need a new yoga mat or block, they’ve got you covered on that front, too.

Vuori checks all our boxes. It’s durable, versatile, and attractive! With so many gorgeous shades, if you find your favorite silhouette, you can stock up on every color and be set.

We thought lululemon was the way to go, but Vuori’s paved a new path.

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