Ways to Boost Your Self-Confidence in the New Year

There is nothing like the feeling that comes with self-confidence—like you can step out and take on the world by yourself. But for those on the other end of the self-confidence spectrum, life can feel like an endless cycle of worry and doubt. But there are many things you can do to improve your self-esteem. Here are five ways to boost your self-confidence in the new year.


While it may seem cliché, hitting the gym come January can help with more than just your waistline. Exercise releases chemicals in the brain that can improve your mood, which can improve your self-esteem. Plus, all that hard work pumping iron or running on the elliptical machine will certainly improve your health. Looks aren't everything, but knowing that you are taking care of your body will improve how you view yourself.

Forgive Yourself

Another tip for improving self-confidence is to learn to forgive yourself. Nobody's perfect. We are all going to make mistakes in life. And discovering how to learn from your mistakes is rewarding in itself. But learning to truly forgive yourself for the mistakes you've made will drastically improve your perception of yourself.

Celebrate Little Victories

Take a second to appreciate when things go your way. Did you get the last seat on the bus? Score! Did the waitress at your favorite restaurant remember your food order? Happy-dance incoming! Celebrating when things go your way can show you that the good does still outnumber the bad.

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Give Yourself Pep-Talks

Feeling down in the dumps? Or maybe you're working on a project that you don't feel confident about? Give yourself a pep-talk to psych yourself up! Using positive self-talk with language such as, "I'm so proud of myself for…" or "I know that I can do it because…" will help prime your mind for success. You might even try hanging a wall mirror by the front door and saying something positive to your reflection each morning, which will allow you to hype yourself up before you leave to take on your day.

Consider Your Friends

Our final way to boost your self-confidence in the new year is to take stock of your friends. You should strive to hang out with people who raise you up instead of holding you down. That's not to say that friends aren't allowed to criticize, but there is a firm line between playful joking and hurling abuse. Look for people who represent your core values or share your common interests and try to develop healthy friendships, especially if you feel that the relationships you currently have are lacking.

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