Ways to Make Going for a Walk More Entertaining

Many people enjoy the simplicity of going outside and taking a stroll around the block or through a nice forest preserve. However, there are also a fair few that find the act of going on a walk extremely boring. If you don't currently enjoy walking but want to reap the many physical and mental benefits that a promenade provides, consider trying out these ways to make going on a walk more entertaining.

Bring a Buddy

One of the best ways to make walking—or any exercise for that matter—more enjoyable is to bring a buddy. When chatting with a friend, the process of walking a long distance can go by in the blink of an eye. As you get lost in conversation, you may end up surprising yourself at how far you end up walking without even realizing it.

Find Something Fun to Listen To

If all of your buddies are busy, consider finding something fun to listen to instead. Whether you prefer audiobooks or podcasts, the virtual world is full of auditory entertainment. You could even consider putting together a special walking playlist with all your favorite songs to help the minutes pass.

Challenge Yourself

Those who have a more competitive nature may enjoy turning a simple walk into a bit of a challenge. There are several ways that you can challenge yourself on a walk. For example, you could time yourself and try to complete your usual course more quickly each day. Or, you could take breaks at regular intervals along your walk to complete a separate exercise such as lunges, jumping jacks, or calf-raises. Incorporating an aspect of competition—even if you're just competing with your past self—can help make your daily walk more interesting.

Change Your Course

Another effective way to make going for a walk more entertaining is to change up your course. Walking the same loop around your neighborhood every day can quickly get a little monotonous. To keep things fun and interesting, consider changing up your route. You'll likely find that the change of scenery that comes with exploring a new trail or pathway can make a simple stroll far more exciting.

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