Using Regular Protein Powder Is Almost As Crazy As These Gym Fails

The new year is here and that means newbies and gym bunnies alike will be flocking to the gym. Expect to wait in line for the treadmill, wipe down a machine with other people's sweat, and maybe bring an extra towel in case the gym runs out. Luckily, as it happens every year, the buzz will die down and you can soon go back to your normal routine. If you're stepping it up with your workouts, you'll want to make sure you're getting the proper nutrition. For those who are serious about the gym, there are numerous options for protein powders. However, most of us have different priorities, so it can be hard to know which one is best.

Recently we discovered Gainful, a personalized protein powder made for your body, weight loss, and fitness goals. Want something that's free of soy, whey, or gluten? Gainful can tailor the powder to your needs. They even provide you with the list and ratio of ingredients, so that you know exactly what's going into your powder. If you still need extra guidance, Gainful offers you unlimited access to a Registered Dietitian, at no extra cost.

Attaining your fitness goals is completely possible–especially with Gainful. You might have to deal with watching these everyday gym fails (or may even fall prey to a couple), but just take a step back, and maybe you'll get a good laugh.

1. Not dressing appropriately–would it kill them to get to a set of leggings and closed-toed shoes?

While their gym wardrobe may leave a lot to be desired, their protein powder doesn't have to! Everyone's health and fitness goals are different, meaning everyone should have their own protein powder that has been tailored to their body's needs. This ensures maximum results that will help them meet those fitness goals.

2. Pretend you don't know this guy.....

Oh boy, that's gotta hurt! Protein is essential for muscle recovery post workout. Gainful's customized powder will have just what your body needs to recuperate post workout, meaning the blend is completely unique to you. Formulas can be customized based on dietary restrictions, fitness goals, and current health status— which means your powder may contain things like whey protein or green tea extract to help boost your metabolism.

3. Or this guy!

(Trust me buddy, you're not impressing anyone.)

This guy is eager to achieve those #fitness goals! When you take Gainful's quiz, you can state exactly what your long term objective is. Store bought powders won't take into consideration whether you want to lose weight or gain more muscle. Gainful will ensure that they are complimenting your current lifestyle, and will help you work towards your fitness aspirations.

4. At least she's trying…….

That does not look productive! Not only will Gainful enhance your workouts, but it actually tastes like heavenly chocolate---nobody wants to drink a gross tasting protein powder. Gainful has delicious ingredients like organic cocoa powder that curbs cravings and satisfies your sweet tooth, while still giving you the healthiest formula possible.

5.You can talk to this guy, but just let him know that it's OK to skip leg day once and awhile

This guy needs a protein powder subscription….! With Gainful's subscription, you've got one less thing to think about. They send you your personalized powder right to your door every month, so you'll always have a boost on hand.

Compliment your gym routine with your personalized protein shake and even a few one-off gym fails won't stop you from meeting your goals. Forget those one-size-fits-all powders and design something that's perfect for you. Need more help finding the perfect blend for your protein shakes? Take Gainful's interactive quiz to get started!

Update: Gainful is extending a special limited time offer to our readers! Follow this link for 25% off with the coupon code DOWN25.

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