What Are the Akashic Records?

What if you could access a record of everything that ever happened in the past, present, and future? What if it could reveal your true purpose in the universe?

That's the central concept behind the Akashic Records. You may have heard the term if you're immersed in any aspect of the wellness/spiritual realm; or, if the history of the Records is to be believed, perhaps you've come across them if you've studied any ancient religion or esoteric thought system.

When spoken about, the Akashic Records are often discussed in whispers, metaphors, and hints. You'll also find dozens of neon-colored YouTube videos advertising journeys deep into their wellsprings of knowledge. Supposedly, they contain everything that has and will ever be known.

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But what are they?

Here's what you need to know.

The Origins of the Akashic Records

The Akashic Records were first identified by name in Western literature by Helena P. Blavatsky, a Russian immigrant who was instrumental in the field of theosophy in the late 19th century. The name stems from "akasha," a Sanskrit word that means "sky," "space," or "æther."

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Blavatsky claims to have spent time with Tibetan monks from whom she learned to access a fifth element sometimes understood to be the ether or the astral, which she later wrote contains "all the vital force" in the world. From there, she was able to channel the Akashic Records.

Blavatsky's revelations sparked an interest in the Akashic Records; and as metaphysicians and theosophists went deeper into their mythology, more revelations came to light.

According to the mythology of the Akashic Records, they have been around for all of eternity, appearing in different forms in many religions and traditions.

Believers say that the Akashic Records were also accessed by Egyptians, Tibetans, Moors, Persians, Greeks, Jews, Druids, Indians, Greek Oracles, and Mayans, each of whom do reference deep all-knowing wells of information. The Old Testament refers to something called the Book of Life, a book written by God that apparently holds deep knowledge about the fabric of reality and all history of every individual.

Regardless of their origins, the concept of the Akashic Records was popularized in the contemporary imaginations by a man named Edgar Cayce, whose infamous "Soul Readings" peered into the Akashic Records and provided people with new ways to see their lives.

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As a child, Cayce began experiencing trances and visions that continued for his entire life. Cayce said that all the information in the world — including an individual's past, present, and future — is contained in a non-physical realm. As an adult, he was able to predict people's futures and provide them with life advice during sessions in which he would read others' Records.

Cayce believed it was possible for any individual to attune to the Akashic Records, and he spoke extensively and beautifully about them. He explained that they were not tangible entities but rather, like radio waves, they flowed through everyone and could be tuned into at any time.

Cayce also said that the Akashic Records contained the key to a person's true purpose, and he often used his readings to offer tips to people regarding their problems — often sending them to the doctor and prescribing holistic health treatments like massages and exercises.

What Exactly Are the Akashic Records?

Today, the Akashic Records are popular in contemporary self-help and wellness circles, as well as in more esoteric arenas. Many contemporary groups describe them as a "cosmic supercomputer," perhaps a needed modern update on the concept of the "cosmic memory bank" pioneered by Blavatsky. Either way, it is generally concurred that the Records contain everything that ever existed.

This includes all history and all the future; it includes every story and archetype and drive that powers human action, every dream and desire, and even the imprint of the Divine mind or God.

It's generally agreed that the Akashic Records don't exist in the physical plane; they only exist in the astral/ether/5th dimension/energy field, sometimes also referred to as the "Akasha" (hence their name).

Some scientists have attempted to research them, occasionally finding overlaps between the worlds of quantum physics and the ethereal timelessness of the Records. Physicist Ervin Lazlo said the Akashic Records are "the electromagnetic imprint of everything that's ever happened in the Universe," and theorized they contain the elusive "Theory of Everything."

For those who believe in both God and the Akashic Records, the latter is simply a way of connecting with God and divining our spiritual purpose — a journey that ultimately almost always concludes with our true purpose, which is compassion and love.

So, How Do You Access the Akashic Records?

Just as there are many definitions for the Akashic Records, there are also many different ways to access them. Books such as Linda Howe's 1997 classic handbook How to Read the Akashic Records go deep into the intricacies of reading them.

Most teachers will say that the records must slowly be accessed through practice and deep meditation. It's generally agreed that most people can and should only access their own Akashic Records, unless another gives express and genuine permission for a reading.

The easiest way to access the Records, according to generally available information, is to set an intention, ask a question, request guides, meditate (or use whatever method you use to access an open, reflective space), and let the answers flow to you. Many videos will give you more specific instructions, such as certain types of visualizations similar to those used in hypnosis; for example, they might ask you to envision yourself walking up a flight of stairs and through a door, or in a place where you feel completely at peace.

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And what happens when you actually access the Records? Since they contain every detail about your soul's journey — across this lifetime or every one of your lifetimes, depending on who you ask—and your purpose from beginning to end, they're most often used for inquiry and self-healing.

Plenty of modern "intuitives" and healers will promise that they can provide insights and revelations on the Akashic Records; but of course, everyone has a different opinion and will experience a different outcome. The Akashic Records won't be accessible to everyone — and if you don't believe they exist, they likely won't appear to you.

But if you do believe they exist, you may just be able to know all there is to know about everything that ever has been. It's a tempting thought. In a world where mystery and uncertainty hover at every turn, the Akashic Records are portals into a world where the answers actually do exist, where everyone has a unique purpose, and the ability to access it if you just open your mind enough.

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