What Does Venus Retrograde Mean?

You may have thought the scariest thing about October was Halloween but perhaps you haven't considered Venus retrograde.

Just kidding, it's not so bad. But beginning Friday, October 5th and stretching on for 40 days, Venus retrograde has far-reaching effects on your life, no matter your astrological sign.

Venus, the planet of love, beauty, pleasure, and money, goes retrograde less often than any other planet, and when it does switch its path, the change is noticeable and can lead to a feeling of chaos.

When planets turn retrograde, their energy is turned inward. With Venus retrograde until November 15, you may feel the urge to examine your relationships much more closely and consider changes—not just in love, but in money, as well.

Venus' effects of reevaluation and rage play out not only personally but on the world stage, writes astrologer Chani Nicholas, who often draws parallels between the political and cultural spheres and the stars.

"Venus is currently in Scorpio, one of the signs she has the greatest difficulty in," she writes. "Here, Venus is more attuned to the wounds, betrayals, and historic assault of the feminine. Those that identify as women, femme, or express any amount of feminine energy, know the patriarchy's twisted obsession, hatred, and fear of Venus. Of us. The results of damage done by patriarchal violence is amplified during this planet's shift."

Bottom line: Relationships undergo shifts during retrogrades, and during Venus retrograde the shifts are around pleasure, aesthetics, love, and money.

Relationships During Venus Retrograde

Your libido might be sky-high, but relationships will be extra volatile, especially if there is underlying sexual or competitive tension, cautions AstrologyKing.

In healthy relationships, this is a good time to channel the depth and intensity of your love through sexual expression. Buckle your seatbelt for a period of exhilarating sexual adventures.

But in difficult relationships, partners may be more apt to express hate and anger due to a buildup of sexual frustration. "This is probably not the best time to work out the underlying causes of relationship tension because the need for sexual satisfaction is so primal it overrides all else," writes AstrologyKing. "Compromise will help avoid hostility, but a tendency to agree to anything just to get your way could lead to loss and regret."

If you're single, the boost in desire may help bring the attentions of lovers. Be careful not to settle for less than you deserve. What starts hot and heavy may also have a tendency to flame out. "Affairs are more likely during Venus retrograde 2018 but not necessarily of a lasting nature," writes AstrologyKing.

In general, pay attention to energetic exchanges around love and relationships during Venus retrograde. What brings you true pleasure? What are your relationship and sexual needs? Are they being met?

Check Yourself Before You Wreck Yourself

In love and money, Venus retrograde is a great time to practice impulse control, advises the Sage Goddess. That means not blowing rent money on purple suede over-the-knee boots, as much as it means resisting the Tony Catalano dreamboat at the local dive bar.

"If you see something shiny and beautiful and the voice in your head starts screaming, 'I must have it!' Stop. Think," advises the Sage Goddess. "Is this really something you need? How will it enhance your quality of life?"

If you're already an impatient person, be extra wary of anger and general moments of losing-your-cool. Expend energy in productive ways, like vigorous exercise, competitive sports, or dim the lights and indulge in an intense self-love session with all your favorite toys. This is also an apt time to channel energy into creative work, like sculpture and dance.

Practice Self-Love and Indulge the Pleasure Principle

Saturate your life with beauty, like heart-chakra boosting pink flowers and rose quartz. Lose yourself in a sunset and spend an afternoon at the art museum, reveling in color and form.

Be sure to apply that sense of reverence to your body, too. Brush your hair with a natural bristle hairbrush, rub moisturizing oils into your feet and hands, lavish your physical form with attention. Place your hand over your heart and meditate on the phrase, "I love you."

"In mythology, Venus doesn't do anything to earn love," writes the Sage Goddess. "She is inherently worthy and so are you."

The Takeaway

For a Venus retrograde ritual, light a candle and some heart chakra incense, and consider the following:

"Is what you spend your resources on sustainable and in alignment with your goals? How we choose to use our time, energy and finances are all being restructured," writes Audrey Kitching on Twitter.

Astrologer Jessica Shepherd suggests asking yourself "Am I having fun yet? If not, What would help?...With Venus there are always blessings; when Venus is retrograde, the blessings are just in disguise."

If it's time for an ending, honor the blessing even in closure.

"Not all relationships are meant to last," writes Chani Nicholas. "Venus retrogrades make this known. Over the course of the next 40 days and nights we will come to understand in greater depth our desires, needs, and necessities when relating and creating our life and partnerships as they need to be now."

With all that you do, pump the brakes and take your time. "[Venus retrograde] is not a time to act, but to notice," writes the Hood Witch. "Venus retrograde is a magical time for the alchemical transformation of regret into manifestation. To turn 'I no longer have' to 'this is what I need.'"

Ultimately, it's all for the transformative good. By December 2, Venus will re-enter Scorpio and offer an opportunity to strengthen and solidify your love and social lives, writes Cosmo. "Scorpio's transformative vibes leave you with a brand new idea of how you view relationships and more clear definition of your wants and needs from others."

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