Here’s What Real Moms Think About Coterie

Parenting is undoubtedly a monumental task. Among the responsibilities, challenges, and joys of raising a child, a reliable diaper is essential.

As parents, we’re well aware of the horrors — the blowouts on road trips, a case of diaper rash while on a weekend visit to the grands, and those emergency trips for fresh supplies at 3am. Finding a diaper that keeps the mess in and is kind to baby’s sensitive skin can be tough — but it’s sooo necessary!

That’s why our editors’ mission is to find a high-quality diaper that helps busy moms deal with more important stuff, like raising their babies.

Meet Coterie. It's a brand that prioritizes clean materials, making hypoallergenic diapers free of over 200 harmful chemicals - including chlorine. They’re soft as cashmere and up to double the capacity of their competitors so your little one can sleep soundly through the night without soaking the bed. Only the best for your littles!

We love that Coterie diapers are free from skin-irritating ingredients such as chlorine, parabens, dyes, lotions, phthalates, and heavy metals — an absolute must for any mom.

Coterie diapers feature side cuffs that prevent leaks, an extra tall back sheet, and a super-smart wetness indicator, which turns blue when the diaper is full. So, you know precisely when your baby needs a change.

Ingenious quick-wicking tech, faster drying time, and a breathable top sheet all protect your baby's tender skin. Not to mention, better diapers can reduce your laundry loads and those middle of the night wake-ups — a total win-win!

If you still don't believe us, here's what some real moms are saying about Coterie:

There you have it. Although Coterie diapers cost a bit more, their quality is outstanding and make them a trustworthy brand to invest in. They offer free standard shipping on orders over $49 and 10% savings when subscribing.

There’s also an auto-ship option so no worries about running out! No more panicky, last-minute diaper runs. With Coterie subscription you can delay, skip or cancel a shipment at any time. Plus, their convenient SMS order management makes the process incredibly easy, amazing for a busy mom’s hectic pace.

Trust these happy Coterie moms and go with Coterie’s high-performance diapering essentials designed to support your baby through every stage and milestone — your little one will thank you!

Clean, Dry, and Nontoxic Ingredients. Designed for Better Sleep.
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