All You Need To Know About Maev’s Human Grade Raw Dog Food

Our pups are a great source of love and joy, so they deserve the best-of-the-best. At first glance, conventional dog food (dry kibble) may seem like the way to go in terms of price and convenience … but it's not. Just take a closer look at the bag and you'll see low-grade ingredients (some you may not be able to pronounce), and fillers and additives. Kibble and traditional dog food are often packed with synthetic vitamins, artificial preservatives, and chemicals to extend their shelf life.

A balanced and nourishing diet is essential for maintaining and promoting optimal dog health. As dog parents, it’s our duty to make informed dietary choices that support our dogs’ day-to-day well-being. That's where Maev comes in.

Maev has redefined healthy dog food with their human-grade Raw Food — a vet-formulated, protein-rich raw food made with USDA lean proteins.

Thinking about making the switch? Here are all the answers to your most pressing questions:

1. What’s In It? And What’s Not?

Each bowl of Maev contains a human-grade mix of lean protein, vitamin-rich organ meat, fresh produce, and personalized supplements for the complete and balanced nutrition your dog deserves.

With Maev, there are no fillers, no additives, no toxins. Just whole foods you’d find on your grocery list. Top-shelf goodness and nothing else. Maev believes that if you wouldn’t eat it, your dog shouldn’t either.

2. Nutrition? Yes, Please!

Dogs are biologically primed to eat raw meat. So, that’s why a raw food diet is the best way to give your dog the healthy, unprocessed — low in carbs and high in protein — food it needs to live its best dog life.

Maev’s team of PhD Veterinary Nutritionists have formulated a dog food with 11 core ingredients including lean Beef or Chicken (or Liver, Gizzard, and Sweetbreads), fresh vegetables and fruits, and functional supplements in each serving.

Fun fact: Dogs receive most of their daily water intake through their food, not their water bowls. So, it’s vital that the foods you feed them contain moisture to help keep them hydrated and to support regular bowel movements. Maev is high in moisture content and flash-frozen to keep all its nutritional value.

3. Results - What Should I Look For?

Maev always puts your dog first with awesome food that’s made with USDA lean proteins, whole fruits and vegetables, and scientifically studied supplements that support 7 essential health benefits.

Designed to bolster your dog’s immune functions, digestive and oral health, hip and joint issues, anxiety & calming, skin and coat health, and even your pup’s early development which focuses on trainability and recall. Most dog parents see, feel, and smell results in 28 days, or less.

4. What Makes Maev’s Experts So Expert?

Maev works with veterinary nutritionists, food scientists, designers, and engineers to elevate your dog care and fill every bowl with maximum nutrition.

Additionally, the Raw Food is PhD-Vet Formulated, USDA-Certified, AAFCO-Approved, and rigorously tested for E.coli, Salmonella, Listeria, and Micro (APCs).

Expert knowledge is the source of exceptional results. With a promise of 100% transparency & traceability, you can trust and depend on Maev.

5. What’s The Scoop?

Store Maev in the freezer until needed. Since it’s frozen raw there’s no mess, no prep, and no thawing necessary. Serving sizes for your pup’s age and activity level are on the back of the packaging. It’s so easy to serve: just shake, open, pour, and serve!

Maev is also super easy to order. A flexible subscription plan is a life-saver. No more lugging home gigantic sacks of dog food, or dealing with messy dog food stinking up the pantry or your fridge.

The amount and the frequency of deliveries are 100% customizable based on your dog's activity level and weight. Maev will deliver as much and as often as you need. So split your subscription if you’re worried about freezer space. Plus, you can add, swap, modify your subscription, or opt-out at any time — completely hassle-free.

Maev is building the future of dog care with its human-grade raw food and nutritional supplement bars. It's fresher-than-fresh, tasty, and totally safe. It’s the finest food we can feed our best friends — who happen to be dogs.

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