When Hugs Become Deadly, and Other Stories

TrueNews | Friday, May 20, 2016

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TrueduJour: Saved By The Bail

Remember the show "Saved By The Bell"? Well former star Dustin Diamond had a sit down with his former co-star Mario Lopez on "Extra" about Diamond's 4-month stay in the big house. Yup, besides acting, Diamond has a few extras to add to his resume -- namely, stabbing. He allegedly stabbed a man at a Wisconsin bar after the man sucker-punched his fiancée. Diamond insists he's beyond the "tomfoolery" and "malarkey" -- he is now ready for change.

TrueSafety: France In Chains

Yesterday, France voted on extending their state of emergency for another two months. The extension is mainly to cover the potentially targeted events, the European Championship soccer tournament and the Tour de France. This means that people can be put under house arrest and forbidden to be out and about in certain areas at certain times. Interior Minister Bernard Cazeneuve thinks it's better safe than sorry.

TrueHealth: From HIV to Health

South Africa is expecting a new HIV vaccine. This would be the first large-scale clinical trial of an HIV vaccine attempted in seven years, says Dr. Anthony Fauci of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases (NIAID). Because the virus is so hard to tackle, experts think a perfect vaccine could be just the trick. Already, HIV cases have dropped by 35% since 2000, so this new vaccine looks promising.

TrueTV: To Infinity, And Beyond

The CW is pretty much obsessed with superheroes. Its fall season plans to include 4 shows based on DC Comics characters. Look out for the new dramas, Frequency and No Tomorrow. We're excited to feel super.

TrueWild: Hugged to Death?

That's what happened in a wildlife park in China this week. When a visitor lost his footing and plunged into the walrus tank, the animal's long-time trainer jumped in to try and save him. However, the walrus grabbed both victims and forced them under water. Both drowned. Grisly video of the event was captured and has gone viral on a media site in China called Weibo. The incident leaves many questions unanswered about the park's safety regulations.

TrueTip: A Blast From the Past

A little quiz from us here at TrueSelf: "Everyone knows that reincarnation is a scientific process, wherein after death, we are reborn as a new entity. So who were you in a past life? Answer these questions from your soul to find out who your true self once was. " Check this out!

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