Why HelloFresh Is My Top Tip For Parent

I’m not going to lie; over the last few months I’ve gotten so lazy with our family dinners. My partner and I used to be great with food, but ever since having kids, our eating habits have taken a back seat.

Having three children can be challenging, so we often opt for whatever's convenient. Recently we’ve been surviving on a lot of takeaway and frozen foods like nuggets and pizza – more than I’d like to admit.

Now that the kids are a little older and starting school, I wanted to make more of an effort to get my family back into a better routine. Our neighbour told me about a recipe box called HelloFresh — they send pre-portioned ingredients and recipe cards to your doorstep every week.

It sounded like the perfect solution for us, but I was worried there was a catch. Would a service like this be worth the cost? And is it really as convenient as it sounds?

I did some digging myself and found that HelloFresh has become a popular recipe box with the Irish market and the subscription is completely flexible — you can skip a week, pause or opt-out at any time, so we decided to give HelloFresh a shot.

Signing up was easy — I got to choose our recipes from a vast selection of dishes from all around the world that change weekly. Within just a few days, our HelloFresh box was at our doorstep. The kids were so excited and immediately investigated the box when they got home from school.

Everything was neatly separated into perfect portions and the ingredients were so fresh we could tell they source their produce from local farmers — and most of their packaging is recyclable or recycled.

That night, we tried our first HelloFresh recipe, Cumin Spiced Chicken Tacos. I thought there was no way that it would only take 25 minutes to make, but my main worry was if the kids would like it. My youngest, Jack, will eat pretty much anything. But my eldest, Emily, can be a picky eater.

To my surprise, the meal was ready in the exact time stated on the recipe card . Having pre-portioned ingredients really does minimize prep and clean up time. And I was so relieved when everybody cleaned their plates – even Emily!

The rest of our first week with HelloFresh went just as great. The kids loved the Creamy Cashew Chicken and my personal favorite was the Hazelnut Crusted Salmon. All the meals really took 30 minutes or less, and they were so tasty and wholesome.

One of the great things about HelloFresh is that I don’t need to go food shopping as much. I’m able to cut my trips down to just once a week! While supermarket prices are rising, HelloFresh deals are here to stay — with meals starting at only €2.50 with the offer below!

I love how convenient HelloFresh makes dinner time. Even after picking the kids up from school and helping with homework, I still have time to cook a home-made meal every night thanks to HelloFresh.

Not to forget how delicious the recipes are! With 60 new mouthwatering, family-friendly recipes on the menu every month, we’ll never get bored. The kids are discovering their palates with HelloFresh.

If you’re looking for an easy way to get you and your family into a better dinner-time routine, HelloFresh is your answer!

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