Why I’m Gifting OneSkin This Father’s Day

With Father’s Day around the corner and no clue what to gift my dad, my stress levels are sky-high. He always puts so much love into his gifts, so I promised myself that I’d do the same for him this Father’s Day — he deserves it.

After spending hours Googling gift guide after gift guide, I finally settled on something totally different: skincare. Okay, it may not be an obvious Father’s Day present, but it makes for a loving gift. And who doesn't appreciate being pampered with all those youth-renewing formulas? Men want to look and feel good too — including my dad!

Since my dad is kinda particular about what products he uses, I had to hunt down a trustworthy brand. One that works for sensitive skin while still delivering visible results.

Enter OneSkin. A clean, science-backed skincare line that addresses the root cause of skin aging.

After clicking around their site and reading tons of stellar 5-star customer reviews, I knew I’d found an ingenious, not-just-your-run-of-the-mill gift for my dad — or anyone, honestly.

OneSkin’s entire product line is centered around the OS-01 Senescence Blocking Peptide™ — a scientific breakthrough that reverses skin aging at the molecular level — switching off aging-associated cells, boosting skin’s natural collagen production, and supporting cellular repair mechanisms. 01

Here’s what I got and why I’m convinced he’ll be thrilled:

The cleanser of all cleansers: PREP

PREP is a daily cleanser that gently exfoliates without irritation and preserves the beneficial lipids and microbes that shield your skin from environmental aggressors, all while preserving the natural balance of skin. Specifically designed to prepare skin for optimal absorption of the rest of your routine, including OS-01 FACE and OS-01 EYE. In fact, PREP can improve peptide penetration by up to 2x.02

OneSkin’s best-selling topical supplement: OS-01 FACE

OneSkin’s scientists have proven that OS-01 FACE can improve key skin health parameters, like supporting skin’s natural ability to produce collagen and hyaluronic acid and increasing skin’s epidermal thickness. 01

OS-01 FACE is not only science-backed, but shows real results and is proven to work. In a 12-week clinical study, OS-01 FACE strengthened the skin barrier, diminished wrinkles, improved skin elasticity, and enhanced overall skin appearance.03 Call it a bottle of water from the fountain of youth.

A lifted look for the eyes: OS-01 EYE

The skin around the eyes can be a real telltale indicator of a full life. So, I’m excited to give my dad a bottle of OS-01 EYE. It has the highest concentration of OS-01 peptide and is specially designed for the ultra-delicate skin around the eyes — which is particularly susceptible to fine lines and wrinkles.

OS-01 EYE promotes collagen production by up to 2.3x and reduces senescence-associated biomarkers04, an aging issue we all need to tackle. Just one pump around each eye and you’re done!

Age-defying sun care: OS-01 FACE SPF (formerly OS-01 SHIELD)

In terms of sun defense, this Age Reversal™ Mineral Sunscreen is a complete game-changer. I always wondered if sun protection is necessary in winter — the answer is yes. During the colder months, the sun may not feel as hot on the skin, but its UV rays continue to break down skin cells, resulting in photoaging.

OS-01 FACE SPF(formerly OS-01 SHIELD) provides sustainable protection from extrinsic aging factors like UV and blue light with non-nano zinc oxide, and can help reduce the effects of UV-induced aging with the OS-01 peptide.01 Not to mention, it’s packed with powerful antioxidants to help reduce oxidative stress from UV, pollution, and all of the other environmental aging factors we face every day. In a clinical study, users agreed that OS-01 FACE SPF made their skin feel moisturized, hydrated, and blended seamlessly on their skin.05

You can buy it in tinted and untinted formulas. Plus, there’s zero greasiness, so it works really well under makeup.

I gifted myself this one as well and let me tell you, I’m obsessed!

Total body protection: OS-01 BODY SPF (their BRAND NEW product)

Powered by the OS-01 Senescence Blocking Peptide™, non-nano zinc oxide, and a potent blend of antioxidants, this SPF 30+ lightweight mineral sunscreen is formulated specifically to provide triple power: UV protection, collagen support 06, and skin longevity. Plus, it’s proven to neutralize free radicals superior to leading anti-aging SPFs.07 OS-01 BODY SPF isn't just another sunscreen; it's a comprehensive solution for body skin health.

Other key ingredients in OS-01 BODY SPF include:

  • Non-Nano Zinc Oxide: Provides broad-spectrum protection against UVA and UVB rays
  • InfraGuard: Defends against damage from infrared and blue light exposure
  • Green Tea Oil: Moisturizes and brightens skin while combating melanin production
  • Cherry Ferment: Rich in antioxidants, it reduces hyperpigmentation and promotes skin radiance
  • Safflower Seed Oil: Protects against UV-induced aging and supports skin repair processes

Final Verdict

Searching for a meaningful gift this Father's Day? OneSkin’s got you covered. Their scientifically developed ingredients and cutting-edge formulas will give your dad the gift of a simple but effective skincare routine. If you’re ready to up your gift game this year, gift your dad OneSkin!

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