Why It’s Important to Recycle Your Clothing

Our clothing may be an expression of who we are, but we can't wear the same things forever.

When it's time to upgrade that closet with something new, take a moment before you toss out those old clothes. Fabrics and textiles are very harmful to the environment, and we throw out an incredible amount of them every year. If you've never really thought about where your clothes go after you're done with them, we'll show you why it's important to recycle your clothing rather than throw it out.

They Can Harm the Environment

The biggest reason why you should recycle your clothing is the effect that throwing away clothing has on our planet. Even organic textiles like wool and cotton can do a lot of damage when you throw them in the garbage. These clothes end up in landfills where they can't break down effectively. Instead, they decompose in a way that increases the amount of greenhouse gases in our environment.

They Can Help Other People

A piece of clothing in the trash isn't doing anyone any good, especially if it's still in good condition. Good-quality clothes that you no longer want make perfect donations to organizations that clothe people who can't afford expensive garments. With places like the Purple Heart Pickup coming straight to your house to grab old clothing and the like, it's never been easier to do your part for your local community.

It Reduces Demand for Fast Fashion

Fast fashion is a phenomenon that hurts the planet and most people's wallets. The fashion industry wants you to buy brand-new clothes regularly so that they can make a buck — but what does that really cost? By recycling and buying recycled clothes, you help to reduce the demand for these unsustainable practices within the fashion industry. Less demand means less discarded clothing and less harmful waste from garment factories.

It Conserves Water

In addition to the problem of fast fashion, the textile industry uses enormous amounts of clean water every year just to crank out more clothes that people end up throwing away. With clean water becoming more scarce, we need to do whatever we can to lower our water consumption. Take a stand against these wasteful practices by recycling and donating your clothing — it helps more than you realize.

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