Why My Mom Chooses Coterie Diapers For My Sensitive Skin

This post is in partnership with Coterie. We only endorse products we believe in.

Everyone keeps asking why I cry all the time: w hat’s wrong? what do you need? why are you so sad? Honestly, I’m an eight-month-old with a sopping wet diaper that’s chafing my legs, my bottom and my back. That’s why I’m so sad. And I have no way to verbalize this because I’m literally a baby. I’m sad, I’m chafed, and I’m mad.

Not to be TMI, but I’m happiest when I’m getting a bath. Even better when I’m in le bebe nude. There’s a reason we babies love running around naked - we hate the diaper. As soon as I see Mom pull out a diaper from that dreaded drawer, my happiness plummets to zero. When my diaper is dry, it’s scratchy, when it’s wet, I’m freezing. Not too long ago, I lived in the comfiest, warm world; I feel a little homesick.

My parents sport cush sweatsuits and sometimes silk robes. Why do I get stuck with a glorified cheesecloth that’s rough on my legs and leaks all the time?

The first diapers we tried were Pampers Swaddlers. My mom thought it was a safe choice since it’s made with no parabens or latex, but then she saw an ingredient list with other toxins they use in their diapers.

Pampers Swaddlers use lotions, fragrances, and dyes that gave me the worst diaper rash ever. How embarrassing. After a week of kicking and tears and constant torment, the doctor told my parents that it could be caused by the diapers – ding, ding, ding! Let’s take these bad boys off!

Rather than letting me be my free naked self, we picked up Pampers Pure on the way home. They’re supposed to be a safer version of the Swaddlers and, sure, a tad softer, but when I crawl about they get all in a twist. The inner lining got stuck to my bum and the side cuffs ripped – I was constantly crying for a diaper change. Pun intended.

The next diaper up was HelloBello. The cute designs made me smile, but mom isn’t a big fan. People could see the patterns through my clothes and they don’t go with my cute outfits. Fashion aside, they’re exceptionally leaky and don’t absorb anything – especially at night. It’s not like I’m howling to make my mom’s life miserable, but have you ever slept in a wet blanket? It's freezing and given my limited experience, it’s the coldest I've been in my life.

Let me tell you, we had weeks of sleepless nights. That is until a worthy diaper arrived.

My mom’s friend told us to try Coterie. She said their diapers are free of fragrance, lotion, latex, dyes, alcohol, rubber, heavy metals, parabens, phthalates, chlorine bleaching, VOCs, and animal testing. Whew. They’re also 25% plant-based, eco-friendly and sustainable. While I might not know what all those words mean, they definitely sound better than my previous diapers.

The first time mom put my Coterie diaper on, I was amazed by how soft it felt. It rivaled the blanket I refuse to leave the house without! This diaper feels like it was made just for me. It fits perfectly and the side cuffs take care of my worst messes. So, no leaks or sleepless nights! Mom is way more relaxed because she gets more sleep these days. And I’m actually cheerful now that my diaper rash is gone.

Dad keeps referring to Coterie as the Tesla of diapers. They’re designed with a stripe at the center which turns blue when it’s full. Now, mom knows exactly when I need a change and I no longer have to sound the alarms with my usual screams.

Besides the dreamy backsheet, my favorite feature is the quick-wicking tech and high-absorbency that keeps me dry night and day. Now while Mom’s working, I can get in some serious playtime instead of finding ways to worm out of my diaper.

Coterie’s subscription model sends us diapers regularly so Daddy doesn’t have to rush to the store when we run out. More time to play with me!

Coterie diapers are the best by far. People have stopped asking what’s wrong anymore because, since Coterie, I have nothing to fuss over!

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