Why Sustain Natural Is The Simple Solution To Our Overall Health

It wasn't until I became pregnant that I started to really pay attention to what I put in my body. Forget about a glass of wine, you can't even eat tuna salad or drink a can of coke without feeling guilty. I even had to find a new face lotion and say goodbye to my pressed powder from Chanel. After my first was born, I still had to worry about what I was eating because I was breastfeeding. Do you know how many toxins are in apples and strawberries if you don't buy organic? There's that guilt again. As my daughter grew older, not only did I become more aware of what I was ingesting in my body, I also did the same for her, and all that heightened when our second came into the picture. Two growing babies and I couldn't look at food, toys, containers, or even our bedding the same.

Believe it or not, what surprised me the most was my tampons. It's scary when you think about what you're putting in the area of your body that's responsible for new life. Did you know the vag*na is one of the most absorbent parts of the body? And do you know what's in your tampons? Luckily, I found Sustain Natural, a women's health and wellness brand, that took my worries away. Sustain is a one-stop-shop for all that is sex-related. They offer everything from all-natural tampons and pads to vegan condoms and feminine wipes. By creating products that are not harmful to women's bodies, they're helping women take ownership over their intimate health.

I was shocked to learn about all the crap actually in tampons and how it can often be linked to your reproductive health. Many tampons are made with a chemical film to hold the cotton together and are packed with fragrances and dyes, and the FDA isn't requiring feminine hygiene companies to disclose the ingredients they use. The average woman will use between 12,000-16,000 tampons over the course of her life, which is about 6 years of having a tampon in your body - that's a lot of time for potential chemical exposure! Sustain does it differently and is totally transparent about it. Their tampons are made with only one ingredient: 100% certified organic cotton. They have an absorbent core and protective outer layer, ideal for sensitive skin, and are free of synthetic ingredients, rayon, or fragrances.

I decided to give their period kit a try because I want to surround myself and my body with things that aren't harmful. Sustain's fully customizable period kit lets you choose your sizes and the variety of tampons, pads and liners - delivered straight to your door for a two month supply. I answered a few questions about my flow and my preferences, and got to mix and match the products and the sizes. No more having to worry about running to the store for a last minute box of liners, and I can rest assured that these products are safe for me and my health.

Sustain's personalized period kits have become a lifesaver for me in so many ways. Switching to Sustain has completely changed the way I view my health, and has given me the peace of mind I needed.

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